Life here has been an adjustment so far. S’s new hours are a real pain for me to plan around, and I feel like I never see him. Since I don’t know anyone else here, and for the first time, I am without a horse or CM to keep me busy and help me meet people, it has been a very lonely period. With lots of prayer (and encouragement from S), though, I am finally starting to feel like I am adjusting. I have enrolled the kids in a tumbling class once a week to get us out of the house. I have hooked up with the wives network here and am slowly meeting people that way. I have also joined a homeschool group and will be attending our first activity next week. I am looking forward to that. In addition, we have finally decided on a church and hope to start plugging in there. I have registered for a Christian convention, which will telecast all over the US, but the actual event is here! I am just crossing my fingers that I can meet someone to go with so I don’t go 2 days without talking to anyone! I would go nuts!

In other news, we finalized A’s adoption 2 weeks ago, which has been a huge relief! He got his first haircut the following week, when I just couldn’t take the fluff anymore (the photo is AFTER I took off HALF his length!).

We also celebrated M’s 2nd b-day last week. It is so hard to believe how fast time has gone! We just had a little party, made cupcakes from scratch (they were awful!), and of course, JR was jealous and wanted to have his b-day party too.

S will be heading off to Red Gate to visit his mom in a couple weeks. He is pretty excited about that. I will stay here with the kids and eagerly await his return.