My children are not generally TV watchers, and in fact, just 2 months ago, we purchased a used TV, having not had one for 2 years. I let the kids watch a VeggieTales video periodically. One of their favorites here recently is “Madame Blueberry.” The jist of this story is how a grumbly blueberry who has everything, is always cranky and crying because she wants more. She thinks more stuff will make her happy. As the tale progresses, she learns through a series of events that stuff does not make you happy, rather only God and your attitude (have a happy, thankful heart). That said, hang with me for a moment….

Anyone who is military knows how frustrating it can be to move frequently and have to restart your life each time. Add a medical issue to that, and the frustrations multiply 10 times over. Recently I have been dealing with our insurance and new doctors. I am a Type 1 diabetic, and have been for over 24 years. God has truly blessed me, allowing me to be in perfect health so many years later. My health is something that I have to do my best to earn every day however. I test my blood sugar level anywhere from 8-10 times a day most days, wear an infusion site (similiar to an IV catheter) 24/7 for insulin delivery, calculate everything that enters my mouth, and attempt to calculate every bit of energy I expend when doing anything strenuous (just try to define that word!). In January of this year, I was blessed to be approved for a new medical device that I also wear 24/7 that actually monitors my sugar levels every 5 minutes, meaning I only have to test 2-3 times a day to calibrate when I wear it. It is an amazing little device and when I use it regularly, my sugar levels become so incredibly stable! Well, when we moved recently, we changed insurance regions. The new region would not authorize my refills for the device without a new authorization. I have been working on this process for over 3 weeks now.

Finally, today I got the news that the ball was at least rolling and the paperwork was being submitted to insurance for approval. While I have not yet been authorized, I commented to my son that I was so happy the paperwork part was done so maybe I could get my “medicine” as we call it. He came and gently laid his hand on my leg and said, “So when you get more medicine, THEN you can be happy?” OUCH!!!!!

I tried to explain that my medicine was different than most “stuff,” and that mommy needs it to live. As I spoke though, I realized that I didn’t actually NEED this sensor device to live, as I dealt without it for 23 1/2 years. I will still fight for it, however, I realized that I certainly needed to reevaluate my heart for thankfulness and contentment and not have so much focus on what I WANT. It is truly amazing how much more children absorb than we ever realize!