No doubt I am not meeting up to Proverbial woman standards today!! I have a 3 yr old with croup, a 2 yr old who is her normal strong-willed, fussy-when-don’t-get-my-way self, and a 5 month old with a cold and teething. After I couldn’t stand another moment of crankiness, I put them all to bed for nap 15 minutes early. You should have heard the noise coming out of this house–all of us marching up the stairs, the baby in my arms, fussing, JR behind me, screaming as loud as he could, and M behind him, crying because she has no clue what is going on. My husband is due home shortly, the house is a wreck and I should be cleaning, and what am I doing? Seeking a little solace on the computer! Does that make me a complete failure or is a mom occasionally entitled? The fact that I know in my heart that my current fatigue is pure selfishness, which is technically a sin, does not help me feel any better. Boy do I look forward to hubby coming home! He is my solace when he is here, and I always look forward to him walking in the door. On a day like this, it is all the sweeter! Hope all of you are having a much better day!