So far, we have had a really good day today. Not that we don’t usually have good days, but most days seem a little monotonous, I guess. But today, not counting the little accident M had to start off the morning (let’s just say it involved urine, underwear, and carpet), we have really enjoyed each others company, stayed busy, learned a lot, and generally had fun. After starting the day with breakfast and a Bible story, JR did some read-aloud time in place of his computer phonics this morning. I got some cleaning done, and M and A played. After A went down for nap, M, JR, and I decided to bake my favorite cool-weather recipe: Banana Nut Bread.

While the bread baked, the kids worked in their activity books while I cleaned.

At one point, I began helping JR with a page that involved looking at an object and then circling the items that did not belong. For example, the object below was a fire truck. He had to choose from an ax, fire extinguisher, firefighter, ball, and banana.

As any well-educated adult knows, he was supposed to circle the ball and banana as NOT belonging with the firetruck. Right? When he only circled the ball, I questioned him about it. He quickly replied, “The fireman has to eat and the banana is his food, so it belongs!” Few things are as humbling as a just-turned-4 year old telling you how things are in a manner that you can’t argue with! I don’t know what kind of school teacher I am, but at least we seem to have mastered the art of deductive reasoning! Fortunately, the oven timer sounded soon after, allowing me to escape facing my humility for too long. And, as always, the bread was delicious!!