There are a few things I am soooooo thankful we taught/are teaching our kids!

  • to pray (there are few things sweeter than a young child’s prayer!)
  • to whisper if they have an urgent question about someone
  • to ask questions about others when we are alone in the car or at home
  • “potty-talk” (i.e. anything related to bodily waste) should not happen at the dinner table
  • gas should only be expelled in the bathroom (it is so funny when my son suddenly jumps down from the dinner table with the explanation “I have to go pass gas!”)
  • manners (it is sad when manners are so rare, that people compliment when they hear your children use them!)
  • to raise a hand or gently touch me in our specific way and wait for acknowledgement, rather than interrupt an adult conversation (in person or on phone)
  • to like vegetables (I really felt like I had done something right the other day when JR suddenly said, “Mom, for lunch today, I want broccoli, sweet potatoes, and peas!” Unfortunately, I didn’t have all those items, but geepers, that came from my 4 year old!!)
  • a routine (life is soooo much easier when children know what to expect, go to bed and stay there without a fight, ask to take their baths, and stay in their rooms until the designated times!)
  • to play independently sometimes
  • to clean up their toys (no, I do not have a clean house all the time, but it is nice to have a little help at “clean-up time”)

I think we have been saved many a potentially embarassing moment thanks to a few of these. What are some things you are thankful for?