Something happens to my brain around this time every year, and I get into such a domestic mood. I want to bake, but since my family really doesn’t like to eat all the sweets I so enjoy baking, I am always searching for other projects.

My most recent project has involved trying to make my own baby food. A is finally eating well enough that the food can have little chunks in it, and so far he seems to like my creations. So, over the last couple of evenings, I have spent a total of probably 2.5 to 3 hours cooking and blending up baby food. I discovered it is a great way to use up any unneeded produce or certain leftovers that I don’t want to go to waste! I put the mixes into glass jars I have saved, label it, and freeze it for future use. Here is tonight’s tally:

  • 5 jars yellow squash
  • 2 jars chicken pot pie
  • 4 jars baked macaroni
  • 3 jars carrots
  • 2 bowls green sweet peas

Making baby food didn’t quite satisfy my baking need though, so I decided to try my hand at homemade soft pretzels. I don’t think these are worthy of passing on the recipe, but they were fun, and they are pretty good. The kids really enjoyed helping.