We had a bit going on over the last couple of weeks, so I have tried to divide it into several posts tonight. Here are a few other miscellaneous occurrences:

M got her first haircut. Her hair was constantly in her face, and it appears as though she is cursed with my cowlicks, so I thought I would give her a trim. She felt so special. I only slightly trimmed up the back, but I actually cut the front and created bangs for her. They turned out a little shorter than I had planned, but not too bad.



We spent some time this past weekend assembling a Christmas train Nana and Grandpa sent for the kids. There was only one problem. The kids past experience involved edible gingerbread houses and candy, so they were convinced that this foam train was edible as well. A left lovely little chew marks all over several of the wheels (guess he thought they were some kind of biscuit). Later, the little white “chimney” (I have no clue what it’s called) that goes on the front of the train came up missing. We soon discovered it in M’s mouth…she was convinced it was a marshmallow, and she was doing her dead-level best to chew the thing. It still has molar prints all over it, but it was pretty durable, and we were still able to use it.

Notice that I am blessed to have a man who actually reads directions!

The finished product

 The following are just some miscellaneous shots from the last couple of weeks:

In related news, A is finally learning to crawl! He is so much happier now! He gets up on all 4’s and bounces, he can use his legs to lunge himself forward, and he can pull himself along with his arms. Now he just has to coordinate all those motions to get the crawl down. He is so happy now, that I have let him go to only 2 naps a day (from his previous 3). I think we have also FINALLY managed to shift his schedule ever so slightly so he gets up with the older kids, still naps around the same time as them, and goes to bed shortly before them. It seems to be working well. Another milestone!