January 2009

We had a great meeting with N’s birthmother this afternoon. She is young and beautiful! And she does NOT look like she had a baby 2 weeks ago. How disgusting is that? It took me 6 months after my pregnancies to fit in my jeans! Anyway, she was very quiet, but we talked a little, she held N, and we got some good pics for the scrapbook. A couple of his other close family members were there as well, so I have photos of them as well. I made it safely to my brother’s house this evening, and am so relieved to be out of the hotel and have some company! My sis-in-law, “Aunt P”, and her 11 month old daughter, actually flew out to my house to care for the kids all week. She returned here last night. So we all get to see each other, which is great! Unfortunately, we did not get the desired phone call from ICPC today, so I will be here at least all weekend. Keep praying for a Monday call!

So, not to keep you waiting any longer…..(drum roll……)…..

Introducing our little N!

The night I first picked N up from the agency director’s house.
I just couldn’t get over how tiny and absolutely gorgeous he was!

A goofy pic, but I was trying to provide a comparison of his
size to my hand. Told you he was tiny!

A random photo

I love his big brown eyes! They are so alert and expressive.

N meeting Grandpa last weekend.

Another random photo. N doesn’t have a bit of fat on his little body. Wish I had that problem!

I couldn’t resist. This is how he usually sleeps, with his tongue showing.

So, there you have it. I finally got access to a pc/camera cord, a computer, and a few minutes to post. Enjoy!!

Sorry for the absence. And thank you for the kind words through my e-mail and comments. It is such a relief to know we are in your thoughts and prayers. I checked out of my original hotel last weekend to transfer to an extended-stay place with cheaper rates. Unfortunately, they did not have a computer. S has read me a few of your comments, but otherwise, I have had no access to update you. I finally got permission to leave the city today, so I will be heading to my brother’s house tonight. I am at a library for a bit now.

N saw the pediatric orthopeadist on Tuesday morn. He suspected the same issue, however, he could not run the necessary diagnostic test until he is 3 weeks old. They gave me permission to wait until I get back home and do it with an ortho there. What a relief!

All in all, N is doing very well. He is defintely maturing. Hard to believe he is almost 2 weeks old. He is eating very well, awake several hours a day now, and starting to “uncurl” from the newborn fetal-position a little bit. His eye never got any worse, so thank you for your prayers.

This afternoon, I am meeting the birthmother for the first time. I am basically hanging out at the library here for several hours, until it is time to meet up with the agency director and follow her to the restaurant where we will meet. I am a little nervous, of course, but also eager to meet the woman who blessed us with our new son.

After the meeting, I will head down to my brother’s and wait….wait….wait. At this point, I am waiting on the ICPC (interstate paperwork) to go through, allowing me to leave this state and return home. We know it is being processed, and that it has made it to our state, but when we will actually get the call, I have NO idea. If you read this today, say a little prayer that the call comes today if possible. I am so eager to return home. I miss my family back home, my kids are having a rough time understanding why I can’t tell them when I will be home, and I am getting tired of sitting around just waiting. I am also having some difficulty with my blood sugars. I am very sensitive to change, and the time change, the change in schedule, and the change in daily activity level has affected me greatly. I need to get back into my routine to get them under control again. Despite all that, though, I am truly enjoying this new little bundle. The time alone with him has had its advantages for bonding between the two of us.

Thanks again for your prayers, encouragement, and support. Please keep them coming!

I slept so well last night! This is the first time in 2 days I felt truly fresh! It was a bit of a long and challenging night. Since I was still unable to get to the store with the goings on of yesterday, I was REALLY low on diapers during the night. I was actually lining his diapers with lots of kleenex, and changing the kleenex for the wet diapers. That way I could save the remaining diapers for dirties. We had several spells last night where he couldn’t sleep for some reason, but he was usually calmed pretty quickly with a bit of cuddling. I was so tired at bedtime, I actually set my watch alarm to wake me up every 3 hours, just in case his little squeaks didn’t wake me. As tiny as he is, I feel compelled to wake him and feed him even if he is still sleeping! He doesn’t have an ounce of fat on him, so I don’t think he can afford to sleep through a meal! Anyway, after the 5 am feeding, I set my watch again and snuggled back in for a couple more hours sleep. I woke abruptly at 9 am! I totally panicked! 4 hours of incredibly heavy sleep. I slept right through my watch alarm (not that it’s that loud). Baby was still sound asleep, but I quickly dressed, woke him, and we went down to breakfast. I fed him while I ate.

As much as I want to show him off, I find myself hiding him most of the time. I have been forewarned by other adoptive parents of newborns that I should expect many unwanted lectures about not taking such a young baby out in public (like I have a choice?). I either wear him in my wrap or completely bundled in a blanket or in the car seat with a blanket covering the whole thing. I just do not feel like dealing with strangers’, albeit well-intentioned, comments about him being so young and small. I have had a couple, but I find it is easier to just kind of avoid it a bit to begin with. Plus, in this cold, RSV, and flu season, I think it is better for him to eliminate all temptation for strangers who may be inclined to lean a bit too close or even touch him. Wow, I sound like a brand-new mom here!! LOL

I am off to get the day started. First stop, Babies R Us!! I will be changing hotels tonight so I can get a little kitchenette and eat a little better. So, later today I will have to go out and get some groceries.

A quick note…N seems to be developing a bit of conjunctivitis in his eye. VERY minor at this point, but it is the weekend, so perhaps everyone could say a quick prayer that it clears up quickly on its own.

Boy, oh boy, am I exhausted! Today was another busy day. It started with a semi-sleepless night. The baby actually slept quite well, but I always tend to be most nervous with a brand-new newborn and sleep very lightly. So every squeak he made woke me. Nonetheless, I got a little sleep, awoke this morning to a continental breakfast at the hotel (nothing like a good buttermilk biscuit (complete with vegetable shortening) and some pasteurized, homogenized milk to start the day off right! LOL I checked out of the hotel with the intent of traveling to my brother’s house tonight. I had about an hour to kill before my appt. at the agency to sign more papers, so I tried to find a Babies R Us. I have nothing but a handful of diapers, some formula, and a couple of little onesies and sleepers (most of which are dirty now) for this poor little guy. No luck on the store, so I headed to the agency for my 10 am appt. I wound up stuck there for several hours (missing lunch), then was required to take the baby immediately to a doc appt for a thorough check up before I could leave town. That turned into a 3 hour ordeal and orders to remain in this city instead of going to my brother’s. The good news is that he does seem healthy for the most part, however a few concerns did come up. He is having a hip issue that may require a hip brace for a while, but we have to see an orthopaedist next week to know for sure. Then there is an insurance issue we are dealing with, otherwise we may be paying a several-thousand dollar doctor bill for this upcoming visit.

Embarrasingly, the dozen phone calls that resulted in little progress, a complete change of plans for the next week, a serious lack of food, a lack of proper paperwork, insurance hassles, and a lack of sleep finally caught up to me and I totally lost it and just started crying right there in the pediatric clinic. I do not tend to be a very emotional person, and I was so embarrassed. I was truly a wreck for a while there. Finally, we came up with a plan we could live with, and I went to get a semi-healthy dinner. I felt better immediately. Oh, and the best part of dinner (other than my companion), was I got to have a delicious glass of southern-style sweet tea! WOO-HOO!! Ok, so my time out of the south means I can’t tolerate the rich sweetness here anymore, so I did have to dilute it with unsweet tea, but oh, was it ever so good! I got a big glass to take back to the hotel. After dinner, I returned to the hotel from last night, got another room, made a few calls, and came in here to try to update everyone.

So now that all that is off my chest, I can update you a little more on baby. I think we have named him (that’s right, he was born so unexpectedly, we didn’t even have a name picked out!!). The birthmom had given him a name, which we are using in part, as well as adding a family name of “N”. As of this morning, he is 5 lbs, 5 oz–did I mention TINY!!! I just cannot get over his little size. Everything about him is so small. I can hold him with one hand. He doesn’t really cry (or at least that I have heard), he just gives these little squeaks when he is hungry. Even his burps are tiny! He is rather dark now, meaning he will likely be VERY dark as he ages. He has long black hair for now, but that too will eventually change into tight curls. He has big, beautiful brown eyes, and is actually very alert after eating. He seems to love being held, as he just nestles right in and completely relaxes. I do apologize for no pictures. Believe me, I am taking plenty, but on my list of “items to pack”, I forgot to put the cord that downloads pics from the camera to the computer. So I fear you will all have to wait until I get home.

If I may request continued prayer though, as we have several big paperwork issues we have to deal with on Monday. There is a lot involved, and we would really appreciate prayers that everything will go smoothly and timely so that we can get little N the care he needs, and get back home. If I may also request prayer for my family back home, as S is handling a lot of these issues in addition to work, and I found out today that little A is apparently having some separation anxiety with me being gone. For those of you who have been helping out on that end, thank you so much!! It truly means a lot!

Adoption is a wonderful blessing, but the process itself can be quite stressful. Thank you all so much for your support. The comments you are leaving mean a great deal as I wait here alone while S holds down the fort and mans things from his end. Please keep them coming!

I am sitting in another state, across the country from home, holding our newest addition! It is a long story, but yesterday, I got a phone call about 8:30 am (right after yesterday’s post) that he had been born a few days ago, was released from the hospital, and I needed to come get him! Let’s just say the next hour was a whirlwind of activity and, only thanks to a great friend (you know who you are!), I was at the airport an hour later. I flew all day, arrived at the adoption agency director’s house about 9 last night, and held our new son for the first time. I had my first sleepless night last night in a hotel. I don’t know many details at this point, but hope to find out more today. I can say that he is around 5 pounds–half the size of my other 3. He is so incredibly tiny, I just can’t get used to it. My daughter has dolls bigger than him! But he is BEAUTIFUL! Folks are waiting, so I have to go. More details to come! Please keep us in your prayers!

..well, at least for this morning. With a little help from M having a little accident (there’s nothing like a little urine to get you going first thing in the morning!), I was up at 5:45! I can’t believe how excited I am at rising before the sun. I spent around 30 minutes just reading the wonderful Word of God and praying. It feels so fulfilling and rewarding. That alone helps motivate me to keep going. I am finding another benefit to this early rising….I am able to go to bed earlier (with S) and sleep better! Normally, when I go to bed early, I toss and turn all night. So, there is my little bit of excitement from the pre-dawn hours today! My dog thinks I am nuts and can’t figure out why he can’t have breakfast yet. I have to thank those of you who have become regular readers, as I feel somewhat accountable to you all. Once I post my goal here, I feel more inspired to meet my goals. So thank you for your patient reading of some of these seemingly trivial posts! Hope everyone has a great day. We are heading to the children’s museum today!

Most of you are well aware that I do not tend to pass on forwards, or get very involved in many internet political things. This one, however, did get my attention. Abortion is something I take very seriously. I will never forget an ethics course I took in college, and when a debate topic involved abortion, a man in my class stated, “a fetus is nothing more than an extra accumulation of cells–much like a wart somewhere on our body. It is not a real human until it is born.” I will never forget that comparison, as well as how many in the class completely agreed with that viewpoint. It was heartbreaking. Now, it has hit even closer to home. Our little A was almost aborted, but, thank the Lord that his birthmother followed the Lord’s prompting to place him for adoption instead.

In any case, there is a potential that our new president could pass a bill known as FOCA that would eliminate current laws that limit abortion procedures. It would endanger the lives of countless unborn children, put many young women at risk, and it could put Christian hospitals and clinics into a very bad situation. I do regret that I have had very limited time to research it for you, but my limited research seems to show it is legitimate. There is an organization called Fight FOCA that is collecting signatures in the hopes of stopping the passage of this bill. Please, take just a moment and go to http://www.fightfoca.com/ where you can read all the details, watch the videos, and learn more. Then, scroll down to the bottom of the page and just add your signature. Then, and more importantly, take a moment to bow your head and pray….for wisdom and guidance for our new president, that he might come to know Christ as his personal saviour, for the unborn babies whose mothers might be considering abortion, for the mothers who are considering abortion, for mothers who have aborted and are struggling with the life-long consequences of that decision, and for God’s will to be done in this situation. Thank you.

We did it! We just bought our first chest freezer. It is just a mid-sized one to keep it portable until we retire, but it offers enough space to store some meat, milk, and a few dinners for a busy (or lazy) night.

Furthermore, I have officially ordered my first fresh beef! That is actually the part I am excited about. Fresh, natural, hormone and antibiotic-free beef, from pastured cattle is absolutely delicious. Even more delicious is the awesome price you can get by buying directly from the rancher rather than going through the store! In our case, I had to order a “whole beef” in order to buy that way, but since that can make upwards of 500 pounds of beef, that was too much for my little freezer. So, I found a few friends to go in with me. When I called to actually place the order, the rancher offered me a better deal if I was willing to buy something slightly different. He had 2 young dogie heifers (a dogie is a calf that has lost its mother–an orphan, essentially) that were smaller than normal and possibly leaner than preferred, and he offered me a steal! Of course, this meant I was looking at 550-600 lbs of beef after processing, so I had to find a few more folks who were interested. I am still working on that part. So, in a few weeks, I will be going to the butcher/processing plant to pick up my freshly cut beef. I can’t wait to see how it tastes!! I hope S truly is a mid-westerner, because for the next 6 months or so, we will be eating burgers, roasts, steaks, beef broth, beef stroganoff, beef stew, spaghetti and meatballs, and any other beef-requiring recipe I can find!

So the next step will be growing my own beef! Of course, that won’t likely be happening until we actually move to the farm, but I am looking forward to that!

Well, I just received a very kind thought from a regular blog-reader, Gina. My first blog award. I don’t know much about these things, so Gina, if you’d care to explain, I would greatly appreciate it. Then I will know more about how to pass it on!

Thanks so much!! I really appreciate it!

And, in keeping the spirit, I am passing it along to:


I have greatly admired several things about her since I became a reader, to include the fact she makes it work (seemingly well!) with 13 children, all being homeschooled, and many of whom are adopted. Plus, as she has endured over 65 hours of dental work this year, which included organizing childcare, rearranging child schedules, etc., she has always had the best spirit and attitude. Thanks Renee!

I am still working on my new goal of rising early. Saturday morning, I woke up at 6:40. I was, for once, refreshed and awake. I looked over at the unusual sight of my wonderful hubby still in bed beside me. Mind you, this is VERY unusual. He is naturally an early riser (around 6 am on most weekends), and during the weekdays, he is often up around 4:30 due to his work schedule. So waking up with him beside me is a rare treat indeed. But, I digress. So, assuming he must be very tired and not wanting to disturb him, I told Will (the dog) to “stay” (normally he follows me downstairs), slipped out of bed, quietly put my robe on, and went downstairs. I picked up my Bible and began a wonderful quiet time with the Lord. Around 6:55, a very dreary-eyed S came downstairs, took one look at me, and asked, “Who are you, and what did you do with my wife?” It was classic. It was then I realized I hadn’t mentioned my new goal to him. Oh well!

This morning, I am proud to report, that, with a little encouragement from S, I was up at 6:15. I managed to take a shower, get dressed, and take care of several things before the kids came down. I’m getting closer! I can do this!

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