Have you ever wondered what would happen if you didn’t put just the right amount of ingredients into a bread maker? For example, hypothetically, of course, what if you accidentally used twice the amount of water required by the recipe, but the proper amount of flour and everything else?

Well, here is my theory. Let’s assume that instead of using 1 cup of water to 3 cups of flour, you accidentally used the wrong measuring cup and put 2 cups of water to 3 cups of flour. At first you probably will think the mix cycle just isn’t complete, and that is why it doesn’t seem to be mixing properly. Then you will see it has mixed, and seems a little more like pancake batter than a ball of bread dough, but of course, you are confident you did everything right, so you let it keep going, thinking it is just a fluke and everything will turn out fine. Then, just for fun, lets say you have about 14 people show up to your house for your church small-group time. As the evening concludes, one of these people happens to notice a burning smell, notices your bread maker sitting in the corner of the kitchen with smoke billowing out of every vent, and yells FIRE!! All the men hurriedly grab the bread maker, run it outside, and proceed to open all the windows and doors before the smoke alarms go off and traumatize the 10 or so young children running around playing. At this point, you will likely be thinking, “Guess I’m getting a new bread maker for Valentine’s!” When the smoke and heat finally clear, you and dear hubby go outside and cautiously approach the bread maker. Upon opening, you see the heat cycle has caused the gooey batter to expand up and over the edge of the pan, flow down the outside of the pan, filling the bottom of the bread maker, covering the burner (thereby causing the smoke and smell), and oozing into almost every vent, nook, cranny, and screw. Of course, if you are frugal at all, you would want to know if the bread maker is salvagable, so your dear hubby would then proceed to investigate the extent of the damage to see if he can NOT have to buy a new one. So, of course, he would then dissassemble the entire bread maker, clean every visible millimeter of it, and attempt to reassemble.

Of course, this is all just my theory!