I am sitting in another state, across the country from home, holding our newest addition! It is a long story, but yesterday, I got a phone call about 8:30 am (right after yesterday’s post) that he had been born a few days ago, was released from the hospital, and I needed to come get him! Let’s just say the next hour was a whirlwind of activity and, only thanks to a great friend (you know who you are!), I was at the airport an hour later. I flew all day, arrived at the adoption agency director’s house about 9 last night, and held our new son for the first time. I had my first sleepless night last night in a hotel. I don’t know many details at this point, but hope to find out more today. I can say that he is around 5 pounds–half the size of my other 3. He is so incredibly tiny, I just can’t get used to it. My daughter has dolls bigger than him! But he is BEAUTIFUL! Folks are waiting, so I have to go. More details to come! Please keep us in your prayers!