I slept so well last night! This is the first time in 2 days I felt truly fresh! It was a bit of a long and challenging night. Since I was still unable to get to the store with the goings on of yesterday, I was REALLY low on diapers during the night. I was actually lining his diapers with lots of kleenex, and changing the kleenex for the wet diapers. That way I could save the remaining diapers for dirties. We had several spells last night where he couldn’t sleep for some reason, but he was usually calmed pretty quickly with a bit of cuddling. I was so tired at bedtime, I actually set my watch alarm to wake me up every 3 hours, just in case his little squeaks didn’t wake me. As tiny as he is, I feel compelled to wake him and feed him even if he is still sleeping! He doesn’t have an ounce of fat on him, so I don’t think he can afford to sleep through a meal! Anyway, after the 5 am feeding, I set my watch again and snuggled back in for a couple more hours sleep. I woke abruptly at 9 am! I totally panicked! 4 hours of incredibly heavy sleep. I slept right through my watch alarm (not that it’s that loud). Baby was still sound asleep, but I quickly dressed, woke him, and we went down to breakfast. I fed him while I ate.

As much as I want to show him off, I find myself hiding him most of the time. I have been forewarned by other adoptive parents of newborns that I should expect many unwanted lectures about not taking such a young baby out in public (like I have a choice?). I either wear him in my wrap or completely bundled in a blanket or in the car seat with a blanket covering the whole thing. I just do not feel like dealing with strangers’, albeit well-intentioned, comments about him being so young and small. I have had a couple, but I find it is easier to just kind of avoid it a bit to begin with. Plus, in this cold, RSV, and flu season, I think it is better for him to eliminate all temptation for strangers who may be inclined to lean a bit too close or even touch him. Wow, I sound like a brand-new mom here!! LOL

I am off to get the day started. First stop, Babies R Us!! I will be changing hotels tonight so I can get a little kitchenette and eat a little better. So, later today I will have to go out and get some groceries.

A quick note…N seems to be developing a bit of conjunctivitis in his eye. VERY minor at this point, but it is the weekend, so perhaps everyone could say a quick prayer that it clears up quickly on its own.