We had a great meeting with N’s birthmother this afternoon. She is young and beautiful! And she does NOT look like she had a baby 2 weeks ago. How disgusting is that? It took me 6 months after my pregnancies to fit in my jeans! Anyway, she was very quiet, but we talked a little, she held N, and we got some good pics for the scrapbook. A couple of his other close family members were there as well, so I have photos of them as well. I made it safely to my brother’s house this evening, and am so relieved to be out of the hotel and have some company! My sis-in-law, “Aunt P”, and her 11 month old daughter, actually flew out to my house to care for the kids all week. She returned here last night. So we all get to see each other, which is great! Unfortunately, we did not get the desired phone call from ICPC today, so I will be here at least all weekend. Keep praying for a Monday call!

So, not to keep you waiting any longer…..(drum roll……)…..

Introducing our little N!

The night I first picked N up from the agency director’s house.
I just couldn’t get over how tiny and absolutely gorgeous he was!

A goofy pic, but I was trying to provide a comparison of his
size to my hand. Told you he was tiny!

A random photo

I love his big brown eyes! They are so alert and expressive.

N meeting Grandpa last weekend.

Another random photo. N doesn’t have a bit of fat on his little body. Wish I had that problem!

I couldn’t resist. This is how he usually sleeps, with his tongue showing.

So, there you have it. I finally got access to a pc/camera cord, a computer, and a few minutes to post. Enjoy!!