I told you that we were preparing for some fun changes around the farm.  Well, I will give you a hint…

S’s family, who currently lives on and maintains the farm, have gotten sick and tired of mowing the lush spring pasture grass.  To their credit, it is an endless job to maintain the lushness for which we will one day be thankful.  Then, we were given an offer we couldn’t refuse.   As a result, I have spent the last 2 weeks researching, reading, making phone calls, arranging equipment and supply orders and deliveries to the farm, and even setting up a vet appointment. 

S left this morning to go to the farm, where he will be installing a permanent fence around what will one day be our orchard and garden area (but what is currently a hated area of endless mowing).   He only has a short time in which to complete a lot of labor-intensive work, so I just hope his amazing physical condition helps him out!  Why would he be doing such a thing?  Stay tuned to find out…..