I feel like I crossed a bit of a milestone today.  I ordered my first textbooks and curriculum for next year.  As I previously posted, we decided to try an official curriculum next year.  So, having gotten a feel for homeschooling this past year, I spent a month or so researching curriculums, reading reviews, and comparing the Biblical foundations of each.  S and I discussed our goals for the children in both the short and long term.  

Finally, we decided to use ABeka as our primary curriculum, and supplement that with some computer phonics and reading lessons and some other odds and ends as needed.  We also agreed that we wanted our primary focus this year to be Bible, reading, and math, with a little Creation science on the side.  So I got online, put my order together, and eagerly awaited our local Abeka curriculum fair so I could order without paying the shipping fee. 

Wouldn’t ya know both JR and M woke up pretty sick this morning.  I realized it would not only be unfair to them, but also to every other person/child at the fair to go, so I called the rep who was heading the thing up (considering we don’t really use a cell phone, I sure love having other people’s numbers! LOL).  He was so appreciative of my not bringing the sick kids, he agreed to take my order over the phone and still let me have it free of the shipping charge.  So, I placed my first order.  I am really excited to get all the stuff.  The hard part will be waiting until next school year to start on it. 

Because reading is one of our big focal points, in addition to the basic curriculum, I also ordered probably every first and basic reader they had.  We LOVE books around here, and books with a moral or Biblical lesson are even better!  I think I bought about 70 or so.   My hope is that we will complete Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons within the next month or so, and that JR will be reading well enough that the readers will take us through the summer until the official start of our new schedule.  That’s the plan. 

But then again, anyone who knows me knows how I also LOVE to deviate from my plan!