S has been having a great intro to farm life apparently.  Very little has gone according to plan.  He arrived with the intent of digging holes the first day, setting posts and starting the fence the second day, installing the gates and hotwire the third day, and moving in the new occupants on the fourth. 

First, it rained.  A lot!  So on day one, he got the holes dug using a power auger, but the company sent a bit that was too short for good posts, so they had to return to the rental store (a 30 minute drive one way) for an extension.  Then, thanks to the rain, the auger bit got stuck in the mud repeatedly and had to be dislodged manually each time.  They finally got the holes dug, and it started raining again.  The next day, the posts went into the ground, but the clay and mud to re-fill the holes was so sticky, they couldn’t get it back into the holes.  It just kept sticking to their shoes and the fence posts.  So it took most of the day.  When they finally got the posts set, they went to the one store I had ordered the fencing through to discover that the store had ordered the wrong fence.  Which set them back a full afternoon.  The next morning (third day), he drove into town to the other store where we ordered our gates (and who also had the type of fence we needed), to discover the car he was using was too small to fit the necessary # rolls of fencing.  Furthermore, the company, although they ordered the right gates, it was not ordered in time.  So the gates have not arrived yet, and likely won’t while S is there to install them.  So, he returned home to do some other odd jobs that were planned for later.  And it started storming.  They even had a tornado warning.  Finally, this morning, sun was predicted, so he arose early to get started installing the fence, only to discover the ground was so soggy it actually makes a sucking sound when he walks on it.  It is so oversaturated he cannot put any pressure on the posts or they will move.  So he decided to spend the day uninstalling gates in other areas of the farm to use temporarily in the new pen, and possibly trying to get the hotwire set up. 

All we can do at this point is pray he is able to finish before he has to leave soon.  God can work miracles, if it be His will, so we can only hope and pray.  At this point, he needs strength and dry ground, and time is running out.  Nonetheless, it has been an interesting introduction to working around the weather and working with farming supply companies.   There is no doubt when it is all finished, it will all be worth it (of course, that’s easy for me to say.  I am not the one doing all the work!)