I feel like I have been busier this past week or so than I have in many months!  A quick recap:

First, we went to the circus.  I will post more on that later.

I had a meeting with the wife of one of S’s coworkers to answer some questions she had about adoption.  It was a lovely meeting, and, as always, I truly enjoyed sharing our experience with someone who is truly interested in adopting. 

Then we prepared for and went camping.  That is becoming more of an endeavor with each child!  We have gone from our pre-kid camping style, which basically involved packing just enough stuff to fit into 1 or 2 backpacks, to packing out our entire van.  We try have just enough room left over for the kids and dog to fit!  Seriously, we have had to upgrade to a 6-man tent, and thanks to A’s mobility now (and sleep-fighting habits), we have the addition of a Pac n’ Play.  Now we have to have diapers, wipes, and formula, plus enough changes of clothes to keep all children warm and dry (we don’t care about dirt too much! LOL  I’ve learned such a concern is a real waste of time when camping!).  Then we throw in the industrial sized cooler (105 qt) so the kids can be well nourished (and the parents trying to keep up with them in the wilderness), and we can’t forget the sleeping bags and extra blankets (kids always get cold!), camping stove with propane, misc. meal supplies, and we are almost packed.  Add a few toys for good measure (mostly for the toddler who eats everything else), the bumbo seat for baby so he can supervise everyone else, and I think we are set.  Finally, we can’t forget the camera!

JR eating breakfast on a beautiful, crisp, mountain morning.

JR eating breakfast on a beautiful, crisp, mountain morning.

We can, however, completely forget to use the camera to take more than one or two pics!  Such is the life of camping with a large family, I guess.

We got home Sunday afternoon, let the kids take a quick nap, picked up a friend’s little girl to babysit, then had to head over to our church family worship group.  S plays the guitar for the group’s singing time, so we try not to miss too often.  That was followed by fellowship, swimming, eating, and playtime, and finally we had to go pick up our raw milk for the week.  We didn’t get home until around 8:30, at which time I learned how to put 5 kids, age 4 and under, to bed.  Thank the Lord I am blessed with a wonderful husband who also happens to be a very involved daddy!

Monday was spent trying to wash dirty camping things, unpack, and catch up, then our friend came over to pick up her daughter.  Shortly thereafter, another friend came over to have a mid-morning snack and say goodbye before moving across the country.  (I also happened to get several bags of her leftover groceries out of that deal!)  Then S and I had to teach a financial class at church the evening.  Once again, we got the kids to bed late. 

S worked a late shift Tuesday, so he was off on Tuesday morning.  We had promised JR we would go to the children’s museum when daddy was off one morning, so this was the day.  We decided to kill 2 birds with 1 stone, and since the museum was half way to the base where I do my monthly grocery shopping, we decided to go there afterward.  We decided to meet up with some friends at the museum, stay about an hour, and head to the base.  As it turned out, we accidently headed to the base first, realized our mistake when we were almost there, and since it was so early, we turned around and headed back to the museum.  We arrived, met up with friends in the parking lot, just to walk inside and discover the museum’s hours had changed since our last visit.  We didn’t have time to do both with the new hours, so I left S, JR, M, and A at the museum, and I took N to go to the base and get my shopping done. 

Now, I have groceries, completely worn out kids (a good thing, as they sleep well!!), a half-way clean house (I am trying to be optimistic!), and a 4 day weekend with the hubby to look forward to. 

Isn’t life great?!