It has been almost a week since I asked everyone to pray for our young cousin.  Things were pretty minute-to-minute for a while there.  They had a great deal of trouble with his medicines for awhile, as the meds needed to kill the infections were also killing his organs.  Then he began trying to wake from the coma (bad because they feared his body would reject the breathing systems and tubes in him), so they had to further sedate him.  On Saturday, they made some progress when they switched him to a milder ventilator, but then one of his lungs stopped functioning properly.  As of Monday, however, he was pretty stable, so they began to wean him off the sedatives.  His lung function improved since then, and so they have begun weaning him from the ventilator to help encourage his lungs to improve their function.  As of today, he woke up, and for the first time in a week, his parents got to see him open his eyes and actually communicate through blinks and nods.  Please keep him in your prayers and praise God for the progress already made!!