I was cleaning my inbox yesterday when I came across an e-mail my dear husband sent to me a while back.  I had suddenly had to leave the kids and hubby to travel across the country to pick up our newest baby (N).  I was gone almost 2 weeks, so S had to hold down the fort on his own.  I always teased him about being a better housekeeper then I, but e-mails like this sure did make me feel missed!

“February is not the “in-season” month for Watermelon, but that doesn’t stop JR from desparately pleading for one. I said, “If you want it, you carry it”. We walked through the entire store with JR smothered by a 6 lb melon in the back seat of the stroller. When I sliced into it after dinner it was hardly ripened. Just ripe enough to have a little red in the middle. But that didn’t stop JR from inhaling two large pieces and eating M’s leftovers. A liked it too. I wonder how we can store watermelon over the winter months back on the farm. I guess we could can some “Watermelon Sauce” or maybe dehydrate it and have Drymelon chips. Of course JR wasn’t the only comic relief at the grocery store. Five minutes into my shopping trip, I’m just starting out in the produce section and people are staring at me with one baby on my back and two kids in the stroller with a basket ready to collapse the back canopy on JR’s head. M proclaims in a loud voice, “Daddy, I haff go pee pee!”. Attention turns to me as everyone is wondering how I’m going to manage this one. Well, I continued shopping, thinking I may be able to distract her long enough to get out of the store and half way home. I did, and without an accident. Although I may have offended [neighbor] because I saw her on the sidewalk and she tried to strike up a conversation but I wasn’t about to stop. I wished her well and headed for the potty. The day ended well, happy kids, all in bed. Although I saw a baby bottle cap on the counter and picked it up to put it away. Low and behold I open the cabinet and there’s a fresh full bottle, 8 ounces high with formula sitting in the cabinet next to the Enfamil can. I think that was meant for the refrigerator…maybe I’m going insane.”