A child with an imagination is capable of some very impressive play.  JR and M amaze me continually with the ideas they come up with.  Seemingly mundane household items can transform into very complex objects.  I often wonder if it is due to the fact they are limited to watching only 1 or 2 videos per week, but whatever the cause, I usually love their abilities to imagine. 

Then there are times when their imaginations cause me to wonder about them….


Like recently, when S went to tuck them into bed and found them playing in the bedroom with pull-ups on their heads.  While no child currently uses the pull-ups, we do have a stash remaining.  The next morning, I discovered them sound asleep in their beds, still attired with pull-ups on their heads.  They came down to breakfast, and we had an otherwise typical morning….except that I wanted to laugh every time I looked at one of them.  Finally, around lunch, I asked JR why they were wearing pull-ups.  He informed me they were pretending to be a “cooker-man”  (aka…a chef).  Surprised that were was indeed an impressively creative reason for the madness, I pressed for more information.  Which brought up another factor that never ceases to amaze me…… a child’s memory!

As it turns out, S and I took the children to a Hibachi grill about 2 years ago, while living in FL.  JR remembered the chef that served our dinner, and decided to pretend to be him.  M, of course, doesn’t remember, but she copies what JR does. 

For now, the pull-ups have finally come off.  Of course, when I went to turn their light off tonight, I found M dressed up in a princess dress, and JR in a Peter Pan costume.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring?!