After many years of being pressured by others to write a book about controlling diabetes, I finally gave in.  I began writing my manuscript a little over 3 years ago.  Since that time, I have made countless revisions (it’s basically a different book than the original version!), and I have had more introspection into my own lifestyle than I ever desired.  Now, after so many years as a diabetic and gathering more reviews than I can count, I am thrilled to announce that it appears as though my book will be published by late October or early November.  I have learned more about literary agents, query letters, manuscripts, copyright, ISBN’s, publishers, and the publishing process than I ever dreamed existed!  Now, it seems I have been given a great opportunity to share the knowledge and experiences I’ve gained over 25+ years as a Type 1 with others who are currently facing the same issues I have already dealt with.

I hope to be receiving my first copy in the mail within the next week.  Then, I will let you know more about the book’s content, the official launch date, and when and where the book will be available for purchase. 

Words can’t express my excitement and appreciation for this opportunity.  If this book can help even one other diabetic live a life as fulfilling as mine, then it will all be worthwhile!