I know Christmas is just around the corner (can you believe it?!), but I couldn’t wait any longer.  We use a budget and utilize the envelope-cash method for our expenditures. For the last few months, I have been trying to cut back where I can for two reasons.  First, we wanted to increase our savings for the farm start-up in a few years, and second, whatever is left over in certain envelopes at the end of the month, S and I decided to put into a “savings” envelope to blow on whatever extras we thought we could use.  I keep a running list on the front of the envelope of things that I am hoping to purchase.  Between my allotted budget categories (i.e. “kids”) and my savings, I was finally able to make several big purchases today.  I am so excited!

First, I purchased an Ergo Baby Carrier.  I did a post on baby-wearing  a while back, in which I talked about how much I love my wrap. I still very much love my wrap, and use whenever I need to wear a child.  However, as with anything, the more I used it, the more downsides I noticed.  For example, it was time consuming to put on.  There have been many times when we go somewhere as a family, and S unloads the 3 older kids, tosses me the keys, and takes them into whatever destination–all while I am trying to get the wrap on and the baby into it.  Secondly, I was having some trouble with N specifically, as he has decided he loves to arch his back and lean backwards.  This leads to problems with keeping the wrap in position, and him securely attached to me, when I wear him on my back.  Thus, I began a half-hearted search for an alternative.  The more I heard about Ergo’s, the more interested I became.  A friend was kind enough to lend me hers for a couple of days to try out, and I fell in love with it!  It was everything my wrap was without the 2 big downsides I was dealing with.  So, I ordered it.

Secondly, I will soon cross another learning project off my list, as I ordered all the supplies I need (I hope) for canning.  It has been a goal of mine to learn for a while now, and I was finally able to purchase the supplies I had decided on. 

Now, the wait begins.  Between the ants for JR’s ant farm, my book proof, today’s orders, and a couple of other items I am expecting, I may get to know the UPS guy pretty well this month!