Last weekend, I was humbled and overwhelmed.  I was invited to be the guest speaker for an upcoming women’s Christmas church event in another town.  When they first asked me, I was truly flattered.  Then I found out there could be around 100 ladies!  WOW!  I promised them an answer later in the week, and returned home to pray about it. 

Truly, after thinking it over, I felt so unqualified!  I mean, these women come from all different backgrounds.  They range in age from early adulthood to late seniors.  Some are single, some married, some divorced, and some widowed.  Some are mothers, some grandmothers, some barren, and some childless by choice.  Some have suffered health issues and trials that I can’t imagine, and others have not.  Who am I to get up in front of this diverse group, and lead them in a spiritual lesson?  And, for that matter, what kind of lesson?

Every time I thought about whether or not to accept, I was overwhelmed with the responsibility I felt God had laid on my shoulders.  To be completely honest, I almost turned it down.  However, through prayer and with my husband’s encouragement, I joyfully accepted. While I am still unsure of my topic for the event, God also reminded me that one of the miracles of His Word is that it applies to everyone!  God inspired scripture in such a way that it crosses every generation gap, applies to every background and current circumstance, and guides, directs, forgives, loves, and comforts every soul.  No matter what the situation, the Bible applies.  Better yet, God can take the same scripture-based message and conform it to perfectly fit the need of each listener.  How wonderfully amazing and generally awe-inspiring is that?!  There is no other book in existence, nor will there ever be, that is so perfectly applicable to every human on earth!

“All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.”        –2 Timothy 3:16