JR counting money

JR has been doing surprisingly well in his homeschooling this year.  I am so thankful I made the choice regarding his curriculum this year.  Although he was reading quite well over the summer, we basically stopped his “reading lessons,” just encouraging occasional reading of signs or what-not in day-to-day life.  Instead, we focused on his new curriculum.  He knew most of the material in the beginning, so we got way ahead by doing 2-3 lessons a day in the beginning.  About 2 weeks ago, the material finally got challenging enough that we backed off to 1 lesson a day.  We have really been able to take a leisurely pace because we were so far ahead.   It has been nice, though, seeing the “holes” in his understanding be filled in by this curriculum, and his learning and conceptualizing improve by leaps and bounds.  Now that the lessons have us starting up his reading again, he is picking the concepts right up. 

He is also doing exceptionally well in math.  He seems to be getting the hang of basic addition and subtraction pretty quickly.  One of his favorite exercises is to “play with” a pile of coins.  We can do all kinds of things with coins….sort by type of coin, sort into groups of 2, 5, 10 items, sort into amounts like 5, 10, or 20 cents, and we can do many other non-money related exercise where he just needs a visual.  He loves word problems, so sometimes I will give him a problem such as, “Jack had 4 eggs (JR will put 4 pennies to the side).  Then Rob gave Jack 3 more eggs (JR will add 3 more pennies to the pile).  How many eggs does Jack have?”  The visuals have tremendously helped him visualize the answers at other times.  For example, it just thrills me when we sit around the dinner table and his daddy quizzes him just for fun.  With no aids to help him, JR will spout off answers to basic addition problems with no trouble. 

We are at lesson 92 out of 170 at this point, so I think we are doing pretty well.  While we are taking a relaxed pace, I am also trying to knock out at least 5 lessons a week in preparation for next spring and summer–sure to be a very busy time for our family!