…and I’m not talking about Christmas. 

It is almost time for our next PCS.  For those of you who aren’t military, that means it’s almost time to move again.

Unloading during our last move

I grew up an Air Force brat.  The longest I ever lived in one house was 5 years.  Snce I got married, the longest we have stayed in one place was 3 years.  You’d think after all that, I would not stress over moving.  WRONG!

Each time PCS time nears, I get a little ….. OK, a LOT…….obsessive over the whole deal.  Interestingly, the move itself hardly fazes me.  We have had as little as 2 weeks notice to move from one state to another.  I think I pretty much have my moving system down to a science.  For example, I have already started cleaning out closets and files.  We are already preparing for one last big yard sale.  Whatever doesn’t sell goes to Goodwill or Freecycle.  Then we decide whether to do a DITY (move ourselves) or let the military handle it (NOT as good an option as it may seem!)  I am totally OK with all that. It helps that we tend to be pretty simple.  Remember that unexpected trip I took to FL recently?  I packed myself and 3 kids for one week in one medium sized suitcase and a diaper bag.  I am a light packer and don’t tend to stress over that part either. 

So what’s my problem?  For me, the problem is living arrangements and medical issues.  I don’t know why I let myself stress over it, but I do.  Once I have any remote clue where we are headed next, I can’t keep from browsing the classifieds.  The fact that a realtor won’t even talk to us this far out would cause any sane person to stop wasting their time.  Not me!  I have already spent far too much time perusing housing locations, base ammenities, looking for doctors, calculating our BAH (stipend for housing), looking at animal options, pricing out the raw milk and grass-fed meats in the area, and looking into fresh-produce co-ops.  Why bother so soon?  I haven’t the foggiest clue!  But I do.

I also have to admit that I am a little nervous about the family-integrated church situation.  We have crossed into an unfamiliar realm with our family beliefs and principles, and I am praying that God will guide us to other like-minded individuals there.  Inevitably, though, I know we will likely have to walk into a few churches first to try them on for size.  And we aren’t exactly inconspicuous!  I mean, by that time, I will have a 1 yr. old, 2 yr. old, 3 yr. old, and 5 yr. old–we are beyond the accepted “norm” of 3 or less children, all of our children are young, and we are a transracial family on top of that.  We also happen to enjoy attending service as a family, and therefore, rarely utilize the nurseries.  We don’t exactly fit into most groups anymore.  I don’t know why I am nervous about it, but I am.

 Plus, since the military can change its mind on a whim, I know anything can happen between now and then.  Nonetheless, I keep researching the potential new area, dreaming what the next chapter in our lives may involve, and praying for God’s guidance in all the decisions that will soon have to be made.