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I think I could safely say I have laryngitis at this point.  I woke up this morning and couldn’t make a sound for the first few minutes.  After breathing in a hot, steamy shower, my voice returned, though I sound more like a croaking frog, I think!  So, here I am, 9 hours until I am supposed to speak in front 130+ women.  I keep trying to save my voice for tonight, but my 4 children just don’t seem to understand that simple fact.  I’m not giving in, though, and frankly I think I am making Satan a little nervous.  He seems to be pulling out all the stops at this point….

This morning (of all mornings) I had to take our only vehicle in for what I thought was a quick repair job.  I was soon informed it would take half the day.  So, I started to get a little nervous seeing as how I am supposed to be driving to my destination and have to leave around lunch!  Then, I remembered that God is in control of this day!

I catch a ride home on the shuttle and my husband calls me.  Turns out he was assigned to a last minute meeting, and, despite his efforts, he cannot get out of it.  This means he will be late coming home.  Seeing as how I have 4 children that need supervision, my first thought is, “Now what?”  Then, I remembered that God is in control of this day!

So, I am preparing to leave in just over 2 hours.  God is absolutely fighting this battle for me.  I have been blessed with wonderful friends who have agreed to babysit during the time between my leaving and S coming home.  While I still don’t know the status of my car, I am willing to rent one if necessary. 

Somehow I find an odd humor in the day.  Believe it or not, I really don’t feel stressed out, because, again, I know there is no situation that can arise that Christ cannot handle for me.  I am very interested to look back over this day and see how all the pieces wind up fitting together, but, God has called me to serve, and I am willing.  He didn’t promise it would be easy or without some effort and trials, but He has provided all the resources I need to make it work on my end.  The rest is in His all-mighty hands!

*UPDATE:  Just as I finished that last sentence and published this post, my phone rang.  It was the auto-shop.  My van was finished several hours ahead of schedule.  God always provides!