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I have to tell you, I found the events that occurred this weekend absolutely fascinating from a spiritual perspective.  You hear about this type of war, but so rarely see it up close and personal. 

After my last post, a friend did a little research for me and convinced me to betray my sweet-iced tea roots, and I tried a little hot honey-lemon hot tea.  I don’t know whether it helped, but my croaking voice held in there.  We arrived at the event later that evening, and I went to the box to pull out my speech notes.  They were gone!  Everything related to my speech that I had packed into this box were gone!  The only thing I can figure is that is one of the kids pulled them out when I wasn’t looking.  However, it felt like one last attempt by Satan to discourage me.  I prayed, quickly created some prompter notes, and readied myself for the speech.  Around 140 women showed up, and as the host was introducing me, she asked me a question from the stage (I was in my seat about 10 feet in front of her).  I attempted to answer, and…NOTHING!  So, here I was supposed to speak, and my voice was gone!  She called me up on the stage, and essentially said, “Ladies, we are going to pray right now!”  And she did. 

I stood in front of the mike, took a deep breath, and spoke clearly for the next 20 minutes (as long as I stood in front of the mike!)  I concluded, sat down at my table, answered a couple questions someone asked, and that was the last time I heard my voice.  Now, it is almost 48 hours later, and I still cannot speak over a whisper.  What an amazing adventure!  I can’t tell you what it felt like to be right in the thickest part, just having to trust God to work this thing out, then losing my voice at the last second, just to have God restore it just for the speech!  Don’t ever try to convince me there is no God!

I did actually wake up sick this morning, likely a combination of the stress and harriedness of the weekend, and the fact that I was off my raw milk, coconut oil, and zicam for 2 days.  The virus was finally able to take root a bit.  I actually felt lousy enough this morning that I even broke down and took a Tylenol, then missed church, and slept most of the day.  Nonetheless, somehow, this cold isn’t getting me down like some have in the past, as I have been witness to such a heavenly force. 

All I can say is “WOW!”