One of the results I just love about the choices we have made in raising our children is the fact that they are best friends.  That’s not to say they don’t bicker on occasion–they are siblings after all–but they genuinely enjoy being with each other. 

JR, 5 and M, 3

 This photo was taken last night during our family worship time.  M cuddled up next to JR to listen to Daddy’s lesson, and I just couldn’t resist grabbing the camera!  JR and M tend to be closer than any other of our sibling “combinations,” but I suspect that simply has to do with their age and similiar abilities.  I will often find them curled up together at naptime or playing some new game together during their free times.  Though he is still young, A is beginning to fit in more and more when they play, and everyone loves to have a turn playing with little N. 

I heard long ago that a by-product of sheltering children, homeschooling, and taking great cautions when allowing children to socialize outside the home often result in these types of close-sibling relationships.  Whatever the cause, it thrills me to no end!  I pray they all grow up and remain close throughout their lives.