Today was a big day for us.  We started our first official “lessons.”  I have posted previously about how our children have become so passionate about music.  After a tremendous amount of research, prayer, and discussion, we decided to enroll JR in violin lessons.  Today was the big day.

FYI, we had been researching music for a while now, trying to figure out what age and instrument was best to begin with.  When the information I found began to conflict and overwhelm us, I decided to go out on a limb.  I actually contacted the Duggar family and asked their recommendation, as they have so many young children who play so well.  Mr. Duggar introduced me to the Suzuki Method of instruction. 

Suzuki is quite an interesting teaching methodology, but after looking into it, watching some classes, and so forth, we decided it was  a good fit for us.  One of the great things is that it requires the parent to learn with the child.  So, although JR is the one getting the actual lesson, I get to rent a violin and learn everything he does.  This is working beautifully for us, as I am then able to bring home what we learn and reinforce JR’s practices.  I am also able to give M basic instruction so she can learn a few things as well. 

We have a lot to practice this week–terms, feet and hand positions,  proper violin and bow holds, etc. We are learning together though, and I can already tell that we will enjoy this immensely.  Tonight, we had the unexpected benefit of listening to a young friend play her viola (similiar to a violin).  After only 8 weeks of lesson, she serenaded us with several beautiful Christmas songs.  Although we have only learned the note “Mama A” at this point, and although I have heard that note played countless times today, it is exciting to think how far we may be in just 8 weeks!