I feel so high tech right now!  I am grinding my wheat with some serious power! 

I tried the whole manual grinding thing for a while, and could never seem to get the stamina to do more than a cup or so at a time.  It didn’t help any that the only place we could put the grinder put me in a position where I had little leverage to grind.  I had originally planned to wait it out, let S do most of the grinding until we moved, then see if we could position it better in the new house.  S is a busy man though, and despite how wonderful he is, I know he had better things to be doing than grinding 16-20 cups of flour for me every week.

So, with a lot of searching on my part, and more creativity on his part, I now have this:

Oh yeah! Burn the calories before you eat ’em!  Guilt free carbs in the final product!  OK, so I’m totally kidding myself!  I was able to grind over 5 cups in just the few spare minutes I had earlier today though.  I will finish up tomorrow and be ready to bake a couple of loaves of bread.  And the best part is that it didn’t cost us a dime!

For the technical part, I found the exercise bike as a freebie on Craigslist.  It had a problem with the chain sticking on the chain ring.  S dismantled the entire thing, gave the whole thing a good cleaning, hooked another chain to the original chain, and used some scrap wood to design a table for the milland some braces to prevent the handlebars from moving (they originally moved with the pedals).  He decided to keep the flywheel on, as it would improve the momentum of the pedaling, making it easier to grind.  Then he rigged a system with a new chain ring (off another old freebie bike) on the mill itself, installed the mill onto the bike table, and we tried it out.  It works great!  There is still an issue with the chain sticking, which results in quite a bit of friction and noise as I pedal, and he is going to work on that when he has a chance.  We haven’t been able to find the cause for that so far.  In the meantime however, I can grind to my heart’s content, and get some great looking legs in the meantime!!