I briefly mentioned in my Christmas post that I had made M’s gift by hand.  I thought I would offer a bit more detail on the gift.

Ever since I got my Ergo baby carrier, M has been trying to carry her dolls around.  My Ergo was way too big for her, of course, but she made do as best she could.  I thought an M-sized carrier would be perfect for her.  I designed one based on my Ergo, and used JR, bless his heart, as my “model” for measurements as I went along.  He did a great job keeping the secret for weeks!  M absolutely loved it!  I made it reversible just like my Ergo, so she can wear her baby on her front or back. 

Once I got it all finished though, I had JR try it on with a doll in it.  It was then that I realized her plastic baby dolls weren’t gonna cut it.  Their little plastic feet jabbed into his back.  So I began trying to design a fabric doll. 

I won’t go into all the details for fear of boring you severely, but suffice it to say, a doll was no easy task for this beginner seamstress!  After much trial and error, I finally had something that remotely resembled a doll–complete with fake hair and a facial features.  But then another problem arose.  She was naked.  Well, it just so happened that I had been sorting through my baby clothes to find stuff to yard sale.  I remembered a tiny little dress I had seen.  I was able to alter that dress slightly to fit the doll.  VOILA!  It was complete!

I can’t believe how much M loved these 2 gifts!  I am impressed the doll has lasted this long, as the seams were starting to burst the day I made it.  Nonetheless, although she has already lost her nose, and the fake hair now resembles the worst bed-head you ever saw rather than the cute pig tails I originally gave her, she is M’s new best friend.  They keep each other company at nap time and bed time, and they are playmates when M is alone. 

Funny how the last minute, seemingly worthless gifts can be the most appreciated since they come from the heart!