God is so good, and so faithful.  That is an easy thing to say sometimes, but occasionally (probably more than we realize) He chooses to reveal his goodness in all its glory, right before our very eyes.

My last post was about little N’s recent diagnosis that he “most likely” had CP.  To expound a bit further, we were told by several specialists and therapists over the last few weeks that he would most likely not be able to stand, walk, or balance without some intervention, and possibly some type of physical aids such as leg braces.  If he has CP, it is likely very mild, as his upper body (waist up) seems to work fine.  It is his lower body/legs that he seems to have trouble with. 

That said, S and I did quite a bit of research this week, trying to learn what we could about CP.  It didn’t take long for us to find his exact symptoms and get a picture of what our near future MIGHT involve.  We resigned ourselves to pray first, then simply continue encouraging him to try new things and progress his development, and to do what the doctors said as best we could.  I scheduled his neurology appointments and physical therapy appointment (the first of which is today). 

I don’t know if God thought we needed a reminder that He is still in charge, or if He just felt like blessing us tremendously for some unknown reason (maybe just because that’s who God is!), but whatever the case, I was bathing all the kids the other evening.  As usual, I finished up with N, got him all coconut-oiled and dressed, did the same for A, then looked up to start working on the older 2.  And I saw this:

He was wobbly-kneed and on his tip-toes, but by-george, N had pulled himself to a standing position!  Since that time, he does it frequently, on anything he desires.  He hasn’t figured out how to take a step or move his feet yet, but man, oh, man, are we excited! 

Thank you Lord!