I often hear parts of the debate regarding TV’s influence of children.  All I know is, when you limit TV as much as we do, it has a drastic influence on our children.  I can only imagine if they watched the average several-hours-per-day of most U.S. homes! 

We recently had a classic example.  Several weeks after watching an episode of Little House on the Prairie, I discovered M had fallen down a hole:

When asked what happened, she explained, “I’m Carrie, and I fell down the mine hole!  Pa has to save me!” 

Don’t worry, though, JR makes a perfect “Pa” and was doing his best to maintain communication with her inside that shaft.

Of course, when Mom decided M had something slightly more important to do for a moment, she kind of ruined the fun by opening the laundry chute door.

I just love the creativity of my children!

Except of course, when it involves drawings on the bed (murals) or rocks and dirt in my ergo baby carrier (collecting “eggs” from the hen house).