WOW!  We returned last night from an absolutely wonderful weekend away.  S and I took our first trip without the children, and attended a conference with the Maxwell Family

It dawned on me today that anyone who thinks our family has it together, would love to know just a few of the experiences we have had in the last 10 days.  I have taken M for x-rays twice and had to poke around in more poop than I care to think about, all because she decided to swallow a quarter when she was supposed to be napping.  I have had 2 violin lessons with JR, 2 therapy appointments with N, had to pack and prepare all 4 kids, a dog, a cat, and myself for the weekend, plus clean the house, then returned in time to take N for an MRI today, and prepare for another therapy appointment tomorrow.  Needless to say, this past weekend was like an oasis for me!

Even though the weekend was actually quite busy the whole time with the conference schedule, it was truly a time where the environment and the setting gave us an opportunity to rest in Christ.  Despite the fact that we were the only parents attending without our kids, we relished being in the most joyous, warm, and welcoming environment we have experienced in a very long time.  The entire group of attendees and Maxwells welcomed us with open arms, fellowshipped with us, and invited us to join their activities.  It was wonderful to see that the older children from these like-minded, homeschooling, child-sheltering, Christ-centered families had matured into social, outgoing, well-mannered, mature teens and young adults.  Many myths and fears often associated with homeschooling children were simply laid to rest. 

Additionally, it was refreshing to me particularly, to look around at those other families, to listen to the messages offered, to have times of prayer, and to simply realize that the choices we are making for our family–to follow Christ’s leading, to shelter our children, to seperate ourselves from the secular world, etc–it’s OK!  In fact, it’s great!!  Better yet, it’s Biblical!  That was like a breath of fresh air for me. 

We were convicted of many things over the weekend, some of which I hope to share on the blog in the upcoming days and weeks.  For now, though, I will say, if you ever have a chance to attend one of the Maxwell’s conferences, take the opportunity!