When Daddy is a biker, you can bet he will make sure his kids are too!  We spent several months last year trying to wean JR off his bicycle training wheels, but he really struggled to get his confidence up.  We realized, though that he was quickly outgrowing his little bike, and we wanted him to learn before moving into a bigger, scarier bike.  Finally, about 8 months ago, he finally learned and has been 2-wheeling ever since.  We began to search for a bigger bike to upgrade him to, but could never seem to find one that was in good shape.  Finally, this past weekend, I came across one on Craigslist for a decent price, and it looks almost brand new!  JR loves it and has been feeling pretty special for the last few days!

M was not be outdone, though.  We noticed on a recent bike ride around the neighborhood that she was also threatening to outgrow her little 12 inch bike, and she is a bit bolder than JR.  So, we figured, why not?  Daddy popped off her training wheels, worked with her for a few minutes, and by the next day, she was biking around the neighborhood on 2 wheels! 

So now we have 4 people ridin’ on 2-wheels, and 2 that aren’t quite into the tricycle stage yet!