I have mentioned several times that our love of fresh, raw milk results in me driving 3 hours one way, once a month, to purchase our dairy supplies.  Because this trip takes nearly a whole day, I have a group of people who pay for my gas and lunch in exchange for me to pick things up for them too.  It started out with just a few people and a few coolers, but as the months have gone by, more people have joined, and coolers have gotten bigger!  Here is a pictorial of the last run I did, this past weekend:

View from the rear of my minivan

View from the front

Like the booster seat crammed in the middle?  The kids love going to the dairy with me.  I try to take both of the older 2, as it gives us some special time together without the babies interrupting.  Plus, the three of us share a passion for Cracker Barrel restaurants.  A little taste of good southern cookin’!  The nearest one is about 2 hours away, and just happens to be on the way home from the dairy.  So, M, bless her heart, spends 6 hours each trip surrounded by coolers!  JR gets to sit in his booster up front with me.

OH, yeah, we LOVE raw milk!  I admit, we are a bit fanatical about it!  The trip is so far that I only go once a month, and we stock up.  I buy about 10 gallons of milk, and freeze most of it.  The great thing is it was literally taken out of the cow that morning!  We also keep a few gallons in the fridge and splurge a little that first week on fresh milk.  I also buy a full gallon of fresh cream to culture and make butter and buttermilk out of for the month.  Additionally, I buy an assortment of farm-fresh eggs, raw milk cheeses, and some other odds and ends that we can only get at the dairy. 

RAW milk……it does a body good!