Since I learned to make butter last summer, I have used several different methods.  I started out shaking the butter in Mason jars, but that took a good hour just to get the butter.  Then I tried using my Kitchen Aid mixer.  I loved that, could whip up a batch of butter in about 10 minutes.  The problem with that was the mess that was left over.  The cream would whip up so much in volume, and then when the transition to butter occurred, the whisk would sling butter chunks and buttermilk all over the place.  I tried everything–using less cream, using my bowl splash guard, covering all openings with a towel.  I just couldn’t prevent making messes. 

I finally decided to try my blender.  My poor, unappreciated, abused blender.  She isn’t neglected by any means, but I have just never been very fond of my blender.  She is a Cuisinart, given to us for our wedding almost 8 years ago.  I have been hard on her.  Well, she is a new-found friend.   

She fully contained the mess, and I couldn’t believe how fast I got butter!  It literally took about 50 seconds to go from cream to butter!

After pouring off the buttermilk, rinsing, and straining the butter several times, I was left with an unusual amount of butter!

Yes, that is all pure butter!

I figured I was imagining things until I took the final tally:

3 pints of buttermilk and almost 11 cups of whipped butter

Guess it wasn’t my imagination after all.  By the way, that all comes from only 1 gallon of cream! The blender was so efficient both at containing the liquid and chunks of butter, and at actually making the butter, that I have plenty of butter this month!  My mixer typically made about 2 quarts of buttermilk (meaning it wasn’t as efficient at turning it into butter), and I had no idea how much was being lost from splatter.  Needless to say, I am thoroughly impressed!