While we still don’t have any official news of where we are moving this summer, we have begun looking into housing markets in the area we THINK we will be going.  What can I say…we like to plan ahead as much as possible!  Since we have to go through this about every 3 years, we always find it so interesting to see what the “latest” markets are like.  It is sadly entertaining to see what mainstream society has come to value.  Big houses, massive storage areas, beautiful landscaping, and so on. 

We are contemplating the idea of trying to find a little piece of land at our next assignment where we could take the next big step toward self-sufficiency.  We definitely want to garden, will most likely get a couple of meat rabbits to breed, and would like to get a couple of goats to learn to milk (though that may not happen).  It really doesn’t take much to impress us.  We like land that will feed the animals at least something, a house that is cozy and free of drafts, we prefer a carport or garage to protect the one vehicle we have, and we prefer to live within a certain distance to where S works so he can either bike or jog.  Otherwise, we are pretty easy.  I actually prefer a smaller house, as I too easily feel overwhelmed to clean all the time in a big house.  We get rid of things constantly, so we also don’t need tons of storage space.  Generally, we use the “1-year rule”–if we haven’t used it in a year, it goes.

It’s just funny when we talk to people though.  When I recently told someone what we were looking for, they said,”Oh, I should warn you, everything like that will be manufactured home or modular homes.  The “nice” homes are gonna cost you!”  As I researched, though, I realized that “nice” meant over 3,000 square feet with perfect landscaping.  I mean, seriously, I look at a huge, green, landscaped lawn, and think “Wow, I wonder how many critters this grass could sustain?!”  I look at a big house and think “I am going to be cleaning all day!”  Am I the only one who feels this way? 

The simpler we get, the easier life gets.  It amazes me that more people aren’t interested in just letting go!  Simplify, simplify, simplify!  I could talk all day of the benefits of simplification!  But, I’ll spare you the details.