Fever. Chills. Diarrhea.  Body aches. Weakness. Cough.  Congestion. Headaches. Runny or stuffy nose.  Sounds like the makings of pure misery?  These are the symptoms of H1N1. 

They also happen to be the same symptoms my poor, dear husband is experiencing!  Bless his heart, he is by far the most physically fit and generally healthy among us.  However, nutritionally, he is the least healthy, as he often has to eat convential foods away from home, while we dine primarily on fresh, healthy, organic foods. 

Ya wanna hear the real clincher? We were extremely opposed to the H1N1 vaccine.  We disagreed with the whole idea.  It was just too risky, with too many unknowns. Then the military mandated that all personnel receive the vaccine.  S waited as long as he could, hoping the vaccine would run out, but it didn’t, and he was forced to take it.  That was just a few weeks ago.  Now, we strongly suspect he has a full-blown case of the virus.  Doesn’t look like the vaccine did much good! 

Thank the Lord, he is physically fit, as he we are hoping the worst is over.  He has improved a bit today, and considering what many have experienced, it sounds as though he has had it pretty easy (if that’s what you can call it).  He makes for a lousy patient for sure!  It’s all I can do to confine him and get him to let me baby him a bit. In any case, we are experimenting with herbal and holistic remedies.  As of this evening (only today did we realize it was much more than a common cold), the whole family is on a diet that includes cod liver oil, black elderberry with echinacea and other herbal immune boosters, coconut oil both orally and rubbed on the skin, and S is also getting probiotics and lots of fluids.  We’ll see what happens, but my hope at this point is to keep the rest of us healthy.  The last thing I need is a Type 1 diabetic mommy of 4 littles to come down with H1N1! 

Perhaps you could say a little prayer for S, and the rest of us.  My big concern at this point is that is chest is getting tighter and lungs are getting very wheezy.  I don’t like that, and he insists I NOT take him to a hospital (death-trap as he calls it!).  So, now I am researching holistic doctors in the area, as I did get him to agree to that if he gets worse.  My only other experience with these symptoms was with my brother who wound up in ICU for 2 weeks.  I am certainly going to do my best to keep everyone healthy, and get S healed up.