Today was the big day for little N.  Since S was sick, I did what I could to get everyone set up before I left to minimize his contact with the other 3 kids.  Unfortunately, with a 5, 3, and almost 2 year old, there is just so much contact that is required! 

In any case, after ensuring N got a great nap, I took him for his casting around lunch time.  I also took a bag full of yummy finger snacks to distract him.  The casting was quite an adventure for several reasons, but I won’t bore you with the details.  N did awesome, however, sitting fairly still and tolerating a tremendous amount of torture for a too-large group of people.  Finally, the legs were shaped, socked, cottoned, wrapped, and casted.  N doesn’t seem any worse for the wear, though.

In fact, he seems thrilled to have a new toy!  He has already managed to completely unravel one of his toe areas!  For the moment, it was repairable, but will see what the next day or two holds.

It also came with little shoes to allow him to walk in the casts.

You can see how his toes were left out.  The idea is to encourage him to use the energy he exerts when attempting to move his ankles to move his toes around instead.  Getting more range of motion in his toes (rather than just pointing them) will help get a better stretch in the leg muscles, which also get stretched by the angle his foot was casted in respect to his leg.  Hopefully, having his legs in this position for an extended period will further encourage him to walk on his flat feet. 

For this first casting, they actually used the little inserts from his shoes to give him arch support and help raise his heel slightly, in hopes of making it all a little more comfortable for him.  We will likely be casting again in a week or so with an angle closer to the natural 90 degrees.  The therapist just wanted to work him into gradually and try to minimize the ache. 

For now, though, we still have a happy little boy that happens to be a little more flat-footed than previously!