Oh my goodness, where does the time go?!  This year is just flying by.  I feel like this poor blog is so neglected, and despite the fact that I enjoy it so much, it is typically the first thing to be sacrificed and pushed aside when daily life gets busy!  And rightfully so, I guess.  Nonetheless, the blog motivates me to take pics regularly, in the event I ever get around to posting them, and I still love learning from all the blogs I read almost every day.  So, in a meager attempt to semi-catch up with all I have fallen behind on, here is a synopsis of what all has been going on around here:

  When life gets busy, we put the kids on “Flour duty!”

OK, just kidding.  While they like to help, it does require quite a bit of effort on their part to make much progress.  S and I did decide, however, that S is officially in charge of grinding for me.  My daily schedule has become so task-saturated that something had to give.  It takes me almost 3 times as long to grind as it does him since he is much stronger and in much better shape, so now, once or twice a week, he fills my containers for me.  This has helped tremendously!

Like Father, like children!  I have previously had pics on here of the kids pretending to play  instruments during our family worship times, but now, it has become a regular occurance.  JR loves to play his violin, and since he is progressing through his lessons, he is actually making pretty decent sound on it nowadays.  M, on the other hand, continues to pluck away a miserable tune on her half-strung guitar.  Thank God, He only requires a joyful noise and a heart of worship!

Life got so busy, even little N couldn’t keep up the pace!   The other day, I had allowed myself to get busy with something and realized that his little noises had stopped.  I walked in to check on him, and discovered he had crawled under the dining room chair and fallen asleep!  He was so cute!!  Our kids are on such a good schedule that this type of thing rarely happens.  Therefore, I value these pics highly!

A recent personal goal of mine has been to tighten my blood sugar control even more.  When life gets busy, it is easy to let bg control slide a little.  Lately, after being inspired by several factors (not to mention to release of my book that preaches it!), I decided to really buckle down.  In case you are familiar with diabetes numbers, my goal is to be 90 pretty much every time I test.  Although it hasn’t happened yet, I am between 85 and 100 about 75% of the day now.  While I have been pleased with the results, of course, if I do happen to get unusually busy, it is very easy to have a rapid drop in blood sugar.  This pic was taken during one of those episodes where I had a particularly bad low, was very weak, and, after drinking some juice, I just sat down in the floor to rest and wait for my sugar level to rise a bit.  Of course, I was reminded that in a house with lots of littles, there is never a moment of rest!  JR, concerned about me, walked over to give me a hug, M and N jumped at the opportunity for some snuggle time, and Will the dog, who is retired from alerting to my low blood sugars still tends to react to severe lows and had to come over to check on me until he sensed a rise in my levels.  One thing is for sure…I definitely feel loved, even in my worst moments!!

Finally, another update on N…  For several reasons, we had some minor issues with his casts staying together, so we wound up taking one cast off after 3 days, and the other came after 6 days.  Even with that short time in the casts, though, his range of motion in the ankles has improved tremendously!!  We have been thrilled to not only find him naturally standing on his heels (flat-footed) with only periodic reminding, but he has even shifted his weight and posture to a more natural stance that will facilitate him learning to balance and walk!  We are so excited.  He has balanced for a few seconds at a time on several occasions, so we are no doubt making progress!  Because his braces aren’t quite ready yet, and because standing properly is still not coming totally naturally for him yet, the therapist has decided to cast him at least one more time.  So, at tonight’s therapy appointment, new casts are the plan.  We’ll see what color we get this time, and hopefully they will turn out better. 

A few other things are going on as well. 

We are still planning and preparing to move.  The count down is on, with an anticipated move in roughly 70-80 days.  Where are we going you might ask?  We still have no idea!  OK, so we have heard strong rumors, but until it is in official government writing, or at the very least, given to S by the head-honchos, we don’t really know anything.  Thus, we continue to wait.  Once we get word (which could be any day, or could be a month or more from now), things will get very hectic.  Therefore, we are doing what we can now.  We will have to house hunt, plan our trip to the farm (which may be in conjuction with the move, depending on our new assignment location), schedule the movers, and so on.  I’ll keep you posted. 

In an attempt to relax my schedule a bit, and to further prepare for our move, we have decided to cease violin lessons as of April.  We started them in December, having no idea of the issues that would arise with N just a month later.  As much as we enjoy the lessons, however, I refuse to allow business and optional activities to keep me away from my family when we have more important issues like therapy for N and work for S that keeps us apart.  Not to mention the money we will save.  That being said, S and I were very inspired by the Maxwell family, who we saw recently at a homeschool conference, and their musical talents–all of which had been self-taught.  So, while we may risk picking up a few bad habits or not performing to our fullest potential, I have decided to take on the role of violin teacher as part of homeschool.  I figure playing anything is better than nothing.  I purchased two violins, and JR and I will continue learning together.  This is the plan until we move, at which time, we will re-evaluate N’s therapy needs, our musical skills, and our new schedule, and then determine what path to take at that point. 

So there you have it.  A brief synopsis of the goings-on in our home.  Now maybe I can write more focused posts on more specific topics.