We seem to be getting busier with each passing week. 

If you have been following this blog for any length of time, then you know we are preparing to move…..somewhere, sometime this summer.  The paperwork has been continually delayed though, and we have heard NOTHING.  Nonetheless, with an anticipated time frame of June, I have been doing what I can around here to prepare–purging belongings, organizing paperwork, sorting and organizing clothing, shopping for needed items, and making lists for purchases that will be postponed until after the move, and even getting a start on using up bulk food items.  We have also been planning out our weekends for the next 2 months as best we could.

Yes, time is getting short.  Just the other day, we realized that EVERY SINGLE weekend between now and mid-May is booked.  Boy, am I ever thankful I canceled those violin lessons with JR!  Today, we finally got news regarding why the paperwork was delayed, as well as some details about the move.  We now know where we are headed, and we will be leaving in early to mid June, depending on the house situtation.  We are still awaiting the official paperwork that will allow us to go house-hunting there, but things are happening in the paperwork department, and for that I Praise God!!

Of course, anytime I get good and obsessed about an issue (a common problem with me, mind you!), I can always use a good distraction.  And I have the perfect one coming right up!  This week, 6 members of my extended family are coming to visit.  Simultaneously.  Some for 10 days.  That’s a good distraction.  I started getting myself psyched up for all the cooking involved by inviting lots of friends over this week.  I figured it was a good opportunity to get together with different families at least once more before moving.  So, on several nights this week, we invited a different family over.  As a plus,  I got to quickly learn to double and triple my recipes.  So, I think I’m ready.  Why so many people for so long?  Long story, short (OK, OK, I don’t really know how to do that)….My brother is also military and is PCS’ing (moving) to Alaska this week.  He and his wife are driving, but they did not want to take their 2 toddlers on the lengthy, somewhat risky drive.  So, we are babysitting.  My parents decided to fly in to escort the girls to Alaska on the plane later when they go to meet up with their folks (my brother) in Alaska.  Got that?  In case you need more clarification, yes, you read correctly….I will have 6…..SIX……children, ages 5 and under, in my house for 10 days!  SIX.  I have truly lost mind. 

Or maybe I am just testing the waters for our next adoption. 

Hmmmmm.  That’s a thought….

If all goes as planned (does that ever happen?) then we will get our paperwork sometime during that 10 day period and schedule a house-hunting trip immediately following.  Then we really kick it into gear.  At that point, we will have about 5 weeks to collect records, make final doc appointments, and make all arrangements. 

Ahhhhh, the military life.  Gotta love it!