You may be thinking I’ve fallen off the face of the planet by now.  I can’t believe how quickly this week has flown by.  I think I blinked or something, and suddenly it’s Thursday night!  In my last post, I gave an expected account of some of the goings-on, but we had no idea how truly busy things would turn out to be.  Let me give you a bit of a recount of the last 10 days:

  • Tuesday night: Friends over for dinner
  • Friday night: Friends over for dinner
  • Saturday:  First, we had our final pre-move yard sale.  Everything that didn’t sale was immediately taken to Goodwill.  After the kids took their nap, we had a much-anticipated “celebration” for JR for finishing Kindergarten.  Here is a quick peek:

The kids have wanted to visit this outdoor carousel for some time now, and we were waiting for some special occasion. This seemed to be the perfect opportunity! So, after grabbing a quick treat of organic ice-cream, we headed over to the ride.

JR was all grins on his mighty tiger!

M was happy to be included in the celebration. A was not quite so thrilled about the ride, but N thought it was great riding in my Ergo.

  • Saturday night:  Friends over for dinner
  • Sunday morning:  Easter

    All dressed up to celebrate the risen Savior!

  • Sunday afternoon:  we received a phone call that a close member of S’s family was not doing well.  As a result, he realized he needed to fly home as soon as possible.  We spent the afternoon researching plane schedules and prices.
  • Monday morning:  S went to work for a little while to get everything in order for his departure. 
  • Monday night: Dropped S off at airport for a red-eye flight.  After visiting his relatives on Tuesday morning, he ran a few needed errands around his home-town.  It just happens that his “home” also happens to be the location of our farm, so he got to pay a visit.  While there, he was thrilled to discover that things are starting to happen with the clearing of his mom’s land next door to the farm.  In fact, he was so excited, that afternoon he and his brother decided to break ground: 

By night fall on Tuesday, the two of them had successfully prepped the entire area for his Mom’s foundation and basement:

Boy, it's amazing! When my hubby sets his mind to doing something, things get done!

Just for the record, we are talking SERIOUSLY big hole in the ground! It is completely ready for the next step!

And no, the contraption sitting at the top of that massive hole had absolutely nothing to do with the speed and efficiency with which this hole was dug!


By the way, I have some great ocean-front property for sale in Arizona if you’re interested!

OK, ok, so they had a ball watching big machines move massive amounts of earth with amazing speed and dexterity on Tuesday afternoon.  But I do digress….

Back to the events of the week:

  • Wednesday morning:  S decides to construct a more permanent temporary fence for the sheep to give more control of the growing spring grass.  In just a couple of hours, he and his brother really did run about 800 feet of electric wire fence and netting. 

Very happy sheep!
  • Wednesday afternoon:  S visited his relatives one last time, then his brother took him to the airport.  He literally spent less than 36 hours back home.  It is amazing what he accomplished though.  In the mean time, I was preparing for the arrival of my extended family members.  I had been cooking all week, freezing what I could to make the job easier later.  My brother and his wife showed up Wednesday around lunch. 
  • Wednesday night:  My brother stayed with my kids (all sleeping soundly) while my sister-in-law and I went to the airport to pick up everyone.  S arrived first, followed 1/2 hour later by my parents who were escorting my brother’s 2 toddlers.  We all got home around midnight, and, being completely exhausted, crawled immediately into our beds.  Or futons.  Or bunkbeds.  Or cribs. Or pac n’plays. Or closet pallets and sleeping bags.  We can seriously pack ’em in when we put our minds to it!
  • Thursday morning:  We decided it is likely impossible to have 12 people from 3 different families living under one roof and not go insane.  Particularly when 6 of those people are age 5 and under.  So, in the best interest of the kids, we decided to get out of the house and do something.  We all played musical cars, loaded up, and went to Chuck E. Cheese’s.  It really was just for the kids 😉

    Of course, Grandpa, my brother, my husband, and JR just could not resist competing for highest score in the rat wheel. You can only imagine the entertainment that was!

  • Thursday afternoon:  Except for the feeling of complete chaos with all these youngsters, I think you could say things finally started calming down.  I got into more of a groove and developed a more workable, peaceful system for meal times, baked yet another feast, took a look at my pantry and realized just how much food that many people can pack away, and finally, we just spent some time in the backyard enjoying each other and the beautiful weather.
  • Thursday night:  JR and M decided they wanted more adventure than sleeping on a pallet in my closet, so they convinced their daddy to set up a tent in the backyard.  Unfortunately, it was a little chilly for M, so, as I sit here typing, JR and S are sleeping soundly in the tent, M is in my bed waiting for me to join her, and everyone else is already in bed.  That means that, for the first time in over 24 hours (not counting the few peaceful hours of sleep we had this morning), I have a few minutes of quiet.  Ahhhhh….don’t you just love the sound of it?