So far, I am still surviving this little adventure we are experiencing. 

As if you are actually interested (and because I can’t think of anything more interesting to post right now), I will continue with our schedule of events of late…..

Friday:  the men took the older 4 children to one of those bouncy-house places where all the “toys” are those big blow-up bouncy contraptions.  As far as I am concerned, they are great for one thing…..wearing young children completely out!  I had some cooking and cleaning to do while they were gone.  Later in the afternoon, we went to a local park where a good friend took family pictures of our group.  I don’t have the energy to deal with photos tonight, but will get them on soon enough.

Saturday: my sister-in-law wanted to learn to make home-made tortillas, so we got up early and she helped me make up some breakfast burritos.  Shortly after breakfast, her and my brother said good-bye to their little girls and the rest of the family and hit the road for the rest of their journey to Alaska.  I cleaned up a bit, then started working on a birthday cake for little A.  Saturday night, we had a little party for him to celebrate his 2nd birthday (has it really been that long already?  WOW!)

Sunday:  was pretty typical for us–church, followed by lunch (only today it happened to be a church-sponsored cook-out), followed by naps, followed by having our extended church family worship group over for the evening.  It was a bit busier having a few extra folks with us, but all in all, typical. 

Sunday night:  I admit, I have temporarily lost my steam.  I’m sure it’s nothing a great night’s sleep won’t solve.  Boy, I gotta admit, I have had some AWESOME deep sleep this week!  I am just exhausted at the end of each day.  Despite that, though, it has been fun serving my family.  Whenever a situation like this presents itself, be it dinner guests or visitors needing a place to stay, it reminds me how much I truly love and enjoy having people over, entertaining, ministering, fellowshipping, and all the other aspects involved in having people over.  I always look forward to such opportunities.