This time of visiting with my family has been unique in that it is the first time in several years where EVERYONE from the 3 generations was together at once, and it was THE first time since we all had the grandchildren in the picture.  As a result, we jumped at the opportunity to have some memorable family photos done. 

Now I did a post a while back showing the great fun it was to get 4 young children to look at a camera simultaneously and smile.  You can find it here.  This recent photo shoot, however, taught me that the only thing harder than trying to get 4 kids to look at the camera simultaneously is to try and get MORE THAN 4 kids to look!  In this case, we had two 1-year olds, two 2-year olds, a 3-year old, and a 5-year old, in addition to 6 adults.  The funniest thing was that the poor photographer had has much difficulty getting the ADULTS to keep their eyes in her direction rather than continually looking at the kids!  (K, I hope we’re still friends after all that!)  Despite the challenges, this dear lady did an amazing job, exhibited tremendous patience, and captured this possibly-once-in-a-lifetime (or at least for many years) opportunity on film for us.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, K!

Here are the final results of that photo shoot.  The pics include me and my family, my brother and his family, and our parents. Enjoy!

Grandparents with grandkids

My brother, our parents, and me in back. Although the photo distorts our heights to the extreme, my brother is over 6 foot tall, while I am the shortest at 5'5".

My beautiful family, created by God. I am blessed!

My brother and his wonderful family.

Two of my little tree-climbing monkeys.

The grandkids. We gave up trying to get all 6 kid to look at us simultaneously!

My 4 babies. N was trying to play peek-a-boo with us when we tried to get him looking at the camera.

Don't you just love those cheeks?!

Now I just have to figure out which one(s) get to grace the walls of our new house once we move.  Any suggestions?