Want a good laugh?  I can probably give you one……(either that or have you pity me to the extreme! LOL)

If you haven’t already, go back and read the last couple of posts I have done regarding the events taking place in our home over the last 2 weeks.  That will catch you up and give you a better understanding of why this post is titled as such.

Now flash forward to this week.  By early this week, things were feeling more under control.  When the grandparents and nieces arrived, they were all sick with some issue–from bronchitis to ear infections.  I have never seen so much medicine in this house!  Nana’s ear actually ruptured, and Grandpa had to take a trip to urgent care.  In any case, by early this week, everyone was starting to feel better, and the medicines were finishing up.  I even convinced my mom to do some sewing projects for me. Then it happened….

On Tuesday we got a call from our landlord.  He decided to put the house on the market. I won’t go into details, as it is a long confusing story.  Rest assured we shouldn’t have to leave before our move date in June, however, simply put we were only allowed to stay in the house past December if we were willing to show the house should he decided to sell it.  So Tuesday the notification came.  What we did NOT expect was to wind up with less than 24 hours notice! 

So now I have 4 visiting relatives, beds stashed wherever I can fit them, kids sleeping in closets even, and a realtor makes an appointment to come on Wednesday to take pics.  OK, I realize this is not my responsibility, but I do take  pride in “my” home, and don’t want photos of a messy house plastered all over the internet or to have total strangers come in and see clutter everywhere.  Thank the Lord my parents pitched in!  My dad took the kids outside and entertained them in the backyard for several hours, while mom and I set to cleaning and organizing a bit.  There were piles of laundry to fold, a few bathrooms to clean–mind you with so many visitors this week, a few chores had fallen by the wayside. 

The realtor came and took his pics, then told me not to worry, as it would be Friday before it was listed on the MLS.  Also, all agents showing the house could only show by appointment (my convenience).  I figured that gave me a full 36 hours to prepare for home tours.  Then I got my first call for an appointment on Thursday morning!  A whole day early.  Now, I realize you probably thinking “just say NO!”  but, again, part of the long, confusing story and condition of us remaining here requires that we show anytime we are available.  I just didn’t expect it to be such poor timing!  Nonetheless, we kicked into gear again.  Since it was around lunch time, we just kept feeding kiddos to occupy them while the realtor and his clients toured the house.

This morning, I woke to more calls and requests for appointments.  I am finding the realtors tend to call when the client is with them.  I was picturing a day in advance or some such, but I have had one give 15 minutes noticed and the others give 1-2 hours notice.  So, after this morning’s calls, I asked Nana and Grandpa to take the 4 older children (3 of mine and 1 of my nieces) for a ride to the park, and I would keep the 2 babies.  Then we straightened everything up again, and prepared for showing. 

For now, I have survived yet again.  It isn’t even noon yet, and I am tired (of course it was after midnight before I went to bed last night!) I feel like I have put in a whole day.  I called my parents to tell them they could come home, and it turns out they went for a drive.  They never made it to the park, but decided to go sight-seeing instead. 

If you know my folks, this totally makes sense.  In the mean time, I have no idea where 4 of the 6 children in my charge are–other than with my folks, and they have my van!  I am hoping they will be back in time for lunch, but you know what?  At this point, I don’t think I even care!  My kids are with their grandparents, hopefully enjoying some quality time, my niece is perched on my lap, and my youngest is playing contentedly nearby.  And I am just waiting for another showing request to call anytime! 

So there you have it.  What else could possibly happen to throw a curve-ball my way?  But alas, I figure such circumstances are what keep life interesting, keep us flexible, and keep the monotony at bay!!