I love blogging.  I have found it is such a great way to meet like-minded folks I would never meet otherwise.  It’s a great tool to stay in touch with family and friends–particularly as much as we move around.  It’s also such a fun way to learn from others, share ideas, and just generally record our life happenings. 

I have recently come to disklike one increasingly big aspect of blogging, though.  I feel like it can potentially be sooo incredibly deceiving!  It is almost as though, completely unintentional though it may be, I am making myself out to be someone that I am not.  And that bothers me. 

For example, just in the last week, I have conversed with a number of people who read my blog (THANKS by the way!!) who seem to have gotten this idea that I am this amazingly organized super-mom (someone actually called me that!!  HAH!), a fantastically creative mastermind in the kitchen who can whip together a feast out of a few leftover ingredients (SOOOO NOT TRUE!!), some brilliant teacher with a heavenly amount of patience since I homeschool my children (OH, if only they knew the truth!), and…..well, you get the idea.  That is NOT me.  In fact, it couldn’t be further from the truth.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the compliments.  It is quite flattering to think that someone out there might actually have that much faith in me.  At that same time, though, that is exactly what bothers me! 

God is the only one we should ever put our faith in.  The rest of us are only human, with a few strengths, and a whole slew of weaknesses.  It is easy to talk big on a blog, or limit topics to things I feel more comfortable with my knowledge of.  It is easy to post about the fun, exciting, “happy” aspects of daily life instead of the more discouraging topics like kids bickering amongst each other, disobeying, losing my temper, moments of impatience, etc.  Anytime we put a human up on a pedestal, so to speak, we are only setting ourselves up for disappointment when that person fails to be what we conceptualize them to be. 

I so wish readers who don’t know me well could know the real me (though it’s probably better that you don’t!).  I am a mom just like most of the blog readers, and I experience many of the same struggles.  I am a mom to young children, which essentially equates to daily losses of patience and a consistent failure to demonstrate the fruits of the spirit for my children.  I have been truly blessed with some wonderful mentors who have helped me avoid many common pitfalls in child-rearing, but children simply don’t come with step-by-step instructions.  I have a husband with a nutty work schedule, which means I can hardly plan anything during the week because his work hours are so variable and ever-changing.  I have learned to enjoy cooking, but that is new for me!  When we got married almost 8 years ago, I couldn’t cook ANYTHING.  I consistently burned microwave popcorn!  I have gotten much better, but I still have to use a good recipe.  I am NOT creative in the kitchen, and in fact, during times of low food-stores in the pantry (like now since we are preparing to move), I have to ask my husband to prepare many meals because I just can’t put stuff together very well.  And organization…..HAH!  Being organized is waaaaaaaaaaayy at the other extreme of my nature.  With each child, again, I have gotten better.  I think the desire to survive on a daily basis has forced that.  But I still have “the pit”  of dirty clothing or whatever that I tend to neglect putting away on my side of the bed.  I love visitors, and want people to feel free to stop by anytime, but I frequently tell them, “If you want to see me/the family, come anytime, but if you want to see the house, call first!”  The simple fact is, cleanliness and organization is just not always my top priority.  I have an amazing schedule posted on my wall, but I only use about 3/4 of it on a regular basis.  We have a great system of chore packs for the kids, but half the time, I completely forget to require their use!  Oh, and the ease with which I can get distracted!  I am ashamed to say I have forgotten my kids were sitting in the timeout chair on so many occasions it is embarrassing.  Even deeper, I have areas of my life where God has convicted me so strongly, I can hardly discuss them with those closest to me, let alone blog about them!

I say all that to hopefully emphasize that I am only human.  I periodically get some wonderful feedback regarding this blog, but I am still learning every day.  In fact, many of the creative ideas I post on here are ideas I learned from someone else.  Christ Jesus is the ONLY one worthy of any faith and praise, and as we go through life, we must always remember that.  Humans are born with a sinful nature, making it certain that they will eventually let us down, but Christ never will!  No matter how “busy” He gets, He will never forget we are sitting there waiting on Him.  He is solely responsible for every blessing in our lives.  And while I hope that my story may offer encouragement to someone who needs it, Christ is the one we must hand over our hopes, trust, faith, fears, and dreams to, as He will not fail us! 

“It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man.  It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in princes.”  Psalm 188:8-9