I only have a moment, but thought I’d update you on our current situation. 

We are staying in a quaint little on-base lodging facility, surrounded by gorgeous mountains, sunny, 50+ degree weather, and beautiful views.  We arrived Friday, spent the afternoon house-hunting, then spent Saturday morning looking at more houses we had lined up.  We have been praying unceasingly for God’s guidance in this search, and whil we still don’t have the answer, he has certainly given us some guidance.  There are far too many issues to get into now, but suffice it to say that on Friday, we looked at a couple of houses in one area of town, while we headed to another part of town on Saturday.  By the time we looked at the second house, we both agreed it just felt wrong.  So, we made another appointment to view the first area again, and compared the difference.  It just felt right, and we felt peace.  It is hard to explain, but we took that as some leading.  So, after spending more time talking and praying about it, we submitted an offer on the place we felt most drawn to. 

At this point, we are awaiting a counter-offer from the seller.  Practically speaking, this place is nothing to brag about!  I am realizing how truly spoiled and blessed I am.  If this works out, I admit, I am nervous.  It will be a serious change for me/us!   I can also see that perhaps, assuming this place is God’s will, it will result in me being forced to lean on Him through the living arrangements that will be involved.  It will not be easy!  Nonetheless, we feel so much peace about this place, like God has a plan.  I look forward to the conclusion of this deal, and am hoping we can come to an agreement before we head home.

On a lighter note, I went out and viewed some goats for sale yesterday.  HOW FUN!!  I had so many babies chewing on me and jumping me, and they were so precious!!  I also got to sample the milk from both the herds I looked at, and let me just say, it was DELICIOUS!  I seriously suspected the first guy had given me cows milk, as it tasted identical, but then I got the ever-so-faint goaty aftertaste–nothing unpleasant in this case, mind you–that I knew it was for real.  It allayed all my fears of not liking the milk.   So now, I am trying to decide between them.  Maybe you can help.  Here are the choices I have narrowed it down to:

1.  2 yr. old Alpine doe, currently wet, though doeling has been sold elsewhere.  She has been trained to an automatic milker, so he will be training her for hand-milking if I choose her.  She is not wild, but she is part of a large commercial herd, so she is also not a lover.  Supposedly a good producer of avg. butterfat milk.

2.  4 month old Saneen doeling.  Cute as a button, very friendly, been bottlefed, from a good line of top producers, but low in butterfat.

3.  2 yr. old Oberhasli doe, currently pregnant and due to kid the week I would pick her up.  She only had a single kid last year, but most of the herd is known for twins.  She is already well into milk (though not being milked currently), and has a gorgeous udder!  She has a complete record, and last season (her first) she only milked about 2.5 pounds a day, so she isn’t a top milker by any means, but she is well-socialized, very friendly, has only been hand-milked, and I could get 2 or 3 for the price of 1. 

Ohhhhh, decisions, decisions.  I am actually contemplating the Oberhasli and the Saneen, but just can’t decide.  Any suggestions?