We are about to hit the road to return home.  We have spent 5 days house-hunting, dealt with one cranky kid with a cold, one vomiting-all-night-kid, 1600 miles of travel round-trip, preparing to hit some major winter storms on the way home, and put in 2 offers on 2 seperate houses.  When the second house was a go (we even signed the contracts), I committed to buy the goats, and we began planning our future for the next few years.  Then the whole thing fell through.  Now, completely discouraged and frustrated, I can’t help but ask “Why?”  I still know God has the ultimate plan, and everything will eventually work out for the best, but I am confused, have experienced an exhausting roller-coaster of emotions for almost a week now, and we still have no idea where we will be living in just 3 weeks.  

Time to go home, I will try to give more details later.