This has been a long week, and while the physical involvement part of it seems to be over, the emotional part is not. In any case, we left on a week-long trip to find a home at our next assignment.  We are moving now in just 3 weeks.  I had worked with a realtor, and done a ton of research to line up a few houses to look at.  We found quite a few options, and decided to look at them in the order of our preference.  We arrived in town on Friday afternoon, spent the entire afternoon looking at our top 3 preferences (out in the country, that takes hours!).  We returned home to discuss our findings and pray.  On Saturday morning, we met the realtor at the other end of town to look at houses out there.  By the time we saw our 3rd house, S and I were both convicted that the area was wrong there.  We told the realtor and returned home.  We spent the evening talking and praying.  We then visited a wonderful family-integrated church (our first FIC) on Sunday.  By Sunday afternoon, we had complete peace with our decision, and put out an official offer on property #1. 

Property #1 had been for sale for over a year.  We knew there were some permitting issues, and there was a lot of work to be done.  It was a dumpy, tiny trailer, with a couple of additions put onto it to create a total of 800 some-odd square feet.  There was no dishwasher, limited counterspace, required a new septic system, we would have to postpone future adoptions due to space requirements in the homestudies, and we were going to have to choose between our couch or our dining table, as both would not fit.  It would also mean selling our current set of bunk-beds, and S would have to custom-build a smaller set into one of the tiny bedrooms.  Nonetheless, we had an unexplainable attraction to this property, and total peace with making an offer.  We got creative and started thinking outside the box as to how we would function in that living environment.  We made the offer, just to find out that very morning, they received a 2nd offer.  They chose the second offer because the other did not require proper permits on the structures like ours did.  So property #1 was out.  We took another look at property #2, and decided to make an offer.

Property #2 was a cute little 4-bedroom double-wide modular on 5 acres.  It wasn’t perfect, but it was move-in ready, and could easily be improved with limited investment.  It would require S to buy a second car, as it was too far for him to commute by bike, but he was willing.  It had been on the market for over 6 months.  So we offered very fairly.  The offer was accepted, verbal commitments were given, and the initial papers and contracts signed.  In all respects, we had a house.  Things were so certain at that point, that I decided on the goat I was going to buy, worked out a deal with the owner to pay half now and the other half on pick-up.  Then an opportunity presented itself for us to receive 22 already-laying hens from someone who was moving.  We dreamed with the kiddos about the animals we would soon have, the improvements we would make, etc.  We were relieved to know where we were living in 3 weeks.  Then, the next morning, as we were packing and preparing to head home, the bottom fell out from under us.  Our realtor received a call from the agent, who, at the last moment decided to confess that the 600-ft well was totally dry, as were the neighboring wells.  The aquifer had run dry in that area, and water had to be hauled.  Rain collection is not generally allowed by state law in that area, so the owners had to haul all water themselves.  While the issue was minor in terms of us living there, it was major in terms of us being able to sell it in just 3 years.  Who wants an arid property in the middle of nowhere with no water?  Due to the lack of honest disclosure on the seller’s part, it voided the contract, and we were right back to square one. 

 We discussed our options.  Fortunately, my ever-prepared husband had gone ahead and investigated base housing, so we went ahead and signed up on the waiting list.  The houses for our grade are all full for now, so even that is not a promising option.  Disappointed, confused, and frustrated, we were out of time and had to leave to return home.  Then we remembered a 3rd house in the preferred area that we had given little consideration to due to price.  We talked some more, spent the evening praying about it, and had the realtor do a little investigating on it.  This morning, S got up, did his quiet time, and felt compelled to make an offer.  The offer was ridiculously low compared to the asking price and the market value, and we did it with little hope, but nonetheless, we put forth the verbal offer.  I just got a call from the realtor that the seller said, “Thanks but no.” 

I have been unable to find rentals with our preferences (not even necessarily animal related) since we returned.

At this point, I really am confused.  I am mostly over the initial disappointment and discouragement, but am still very confused.  I know that years from now, we may be able to look back on this and it all make sense.  I know that things will all work out according to God’s plan.  There is no doubt in my mind that we just have to have faith and trust Him to let things fall in place.  I am confused though, because of how things have played out so far.  There are still so many questions, but they are of a different nature now.

  • Why would God allow our eyes to be opened to so many aspects of our health, give us a willingness and even a desire to more charge of our food supply, and not open the door to allow us to do so?
  • Why would He give us such peace in regards to purchasing land and making offers on particular homes, just to have every single one fall through?
  • Finally, when all other known options have failed, and we look on base and in the local rental market, why would base housing not even be an option and the preferred off-base housing not be available?

That’s just a few of my current questions.  I am at a complete loss.  I am trusting God to open a door somewhere, and I know He will eventually.  As of now, it looks like we are to just sit back and wait.