My little girl is growing up!  Can you tell by her smile that she reached a huge milestone today? Look closely!

Ok, here is a better hint…

That’s right.  She got her ears pierced!  I can’t believe it has happened!  After all, babies aren’t supposed to have pierced ears, and she is my baby girl!  Or so I thought until I look at her now.

When she was first born, we knew this day would eventually come, and S and I agreed to wait until she was about 4 years old (or older), AND expressed an intense desire to have them pierced.  I just never dreamed that desire would be so strongly vocalized so early on.  Over the last 6 months or so, she has really been developing into a “girl,” playing dress up in her princess dresses, fixing her hair, playing in my clothes and dresses, and desiring to do anything else that makes her “pretty.”  I only wear make-up about two or three times a year, but she has seen enough that she loves “make-up” (I give her clear lip balm, but she doesn’t know the difference).  She loves to have her nails painted, and she has really fallen in love with jewelery.  Nothing makes her feel more special than when I let her wear one of my “mommy necklaces” on Sundays.  In addition, she has really become fascinated by my earrings during that time.  She plays with them in my ears, watches me put them on, talks about them and how they got there, and so forth.  We decided this summer, for her 4th birthday might be a good time.  However, then I found out that her pediatrician offered the service, and with the upcoming move, I was leary about whether the new base would offer such a thing.  I loved the idea of having a pediatrician do the deed rather than some teenager at the mall.  S agreed, so we decided to do it a little early. 

We explained to M that it would hurt, and talked about it all the week prior.  As it turned out, the first one went flawlessly, but it did hurt.  So, a nurse and I had to hold her in position for the doc to do the second one.  Then it was over, she cried for just a second, and then she felt so proud!  She wanted to see in the mirror immediately.  I had promised her that we would run to the store afterward, and she could use her allowance money to buy something as a treat.  So that’s what we did, and she chose a plastic necklace package to compliment her new gold earrings (you can see one of them in the pic).  $6 only buys so much jewelery, ya’ know!

So now she is one step closer to being a grown-up, “real mommy”–her present dream in life!  And what a worthy aspiration in my opinion!